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6 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Easter


Traditional holidays such as Easter can be tricky territory for 21st Century families. Even if parents do not identify themselves as staunch atheists, they may not want to indoctrinate their children with any particular religion. A common belief today is that children should make such choices in their own time. However, Easter is ingrained in the national conscience and you are unlikely to want to ignore it completely. Your children’s friends are likely to be given chocolatey treats and be partaking in Easter egg hunts. Therefore, here are some suggestions on how to celebrate Easter with your family in your own way.

Celebrate Nature

What lots of families do is use the Easter holiday as an opportunity to celebrate the start of spring. There are lots of great activities you can do with the kids to mark this wonderful season. One fun activity is to plant herbs – the good thing about herbs is that many of them are rapid growers. Your kids will begin to see the fruits of their labours within a fortnight. This is a great way to teach them about the science of the garden.


Cook a Family Feast

Why not give Easter the same treatment as Christmas? Get the family together and cook something which is truly special. Don’t forget to save room for the chocolate and goodies though.

Explore the Festival’s Pagan Roots

The roots of Easter have their origin in Pagan festivities which precede Christianity. Teach your kids about celebrations of the equinox around the world and give them a completely different perspective on Easter.


Easter Crafts

From egg-decorating to making Easter cards, there are all sorts of ways you can get creative over the spring break. Set up the kitchen table as a craft station and see what the kids come up with.

Get a Family Portrait

Events such as Easter should be about celebrating the family being together. If you feel this is too rare an occasion and deserves capturing for posterity why not go for a Venture portrait? Professional photographers can really capture the personalities of your family and provide you with a portrait which you can treasure. You could even take along some props to make it Easter-themed.


Consider “Atheister”

Embrace science and gift your kids some cool interesting and informative books. You could have dinosaur eggs instead of the traditional kind and teach them about astronomy.

Visit your Local Museum or Gallery

Museums will usually have great school holiday activity programmes which will teach all about celebrations around the world as well as family craft activities.

Despite all these been quite secular varieties of Easter celebration, you should also explain to the children the Christian meaning of Easter which is so important to many families.