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White House car crash: Secret Service agents Mark Connolly and George Ogilvie under investigation


Two senior Secret Service agents are being under investigation after a car crash at the White House.

The collision happened during the evening on March 4, Secret Service said.

According to the Washington Post, the agents drove the car into a security barricade after a night of drinking and partying.

The crash is the latest in a series of embarrassing incidents involving the agency charged with protecting President Barack Obama.

Photo AFP/Getty Images

Photo AFP/Getty Images

The Washington Post has identified the agents as Mark Connolly, deputy in charge of the president’s security detail, and George Ogilvie, a senior supervisor in the agency’s Washington office.

They had been attending a party at a nearby bar before the incident occurred, the Post reported.

Witnesses reportedly saw the officers in a car with illuminated emergency lights and said they had shown their badges in an attempt to get through a secured section of the White House complex.

The car ran through security tape and hit temporary barricades that had been set up while security services investigated a suspicious package.

Over the past several months, several of the agency’s top officials have been forced to step down following multiple security lapses. A man from Texas was able to scale a fence and run into the White House while brandishing a knife before being detained.

The Secret Service is charged with protecting the president, vice-president, their families and other officials.

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