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Boris Nemtsov murder: Daughter Zhanna Nemtsova lays blame on Vladimir Putin


Boris Nemtsov’s daughter, Zhanna Nemtsova, says Russian President Vladimir Putin must bear responsibility for the opposition politician murder.

In an interview with BBC, Zhanna Nemtsova said she believed Vladimir putin was “politically” to blame.

Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister and veteran liberal politician, was shot dead on February 27 while walking with his girlfriend near the Kremlin.

President Vladimir Putin has condemned the murder and vowed to find the killers.

Meanwhile, one of the men charged over the murder, Zaur Dadayev, has said he was forced into a confession.Boris Nemtsov daughter Zhanna

Zaur Dadayev told prison visitors that he was tied up for two days with a bag on his head, and only confessed to the killing so that a friend would be freed.

Zhanna Nemtsova, who is a stock market analyst and TV presenter at a financial channel in Moscow, said she had not been contacted by Russian investigators because they were “not interested in an independent investigation”.

Officials have yet to cite a motive for Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

Last year, Boris Nemtsov contacted the Russian authorities after receiving death threats on his Facebook page, which he linked to his position on the conflict in Ukraine.

He had been drafting a report expected to expose covert Russian military involvement in the conflict.

Police turned down Boris Nemtsov’s request for an investigation in September.

Zhanna Nemtsova, 30, said she had not been able to access her father’s apartment where he kept his files.

The European parliament is expected to adopt a resolution condemning Boris Nemtsov’s killing and the state of democracy in Russia later on Thursday, March 12.

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