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A Road Trip around Paris-France


Paris is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world. Its majestic sights and impressive cultural background can satisfy all tastes and ages. Whether you are planning to visit Paris for your honeymoon or offer your kids an unforgettable vacation, you can be sure of the fact that you will not regret your decision.

The French culture is very distinct from everything you have experimented so far in Europe. Just like the Spanish, the Norwegians or the Germans have their own customs and rituals, the French too have something that differentiates them from the rest. They wouldn’t be French without it, right?


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What to see in Paris? 

  1. Eiffel Tower – it is an obvious choice, but there is a reason why everyone puts the Eiffel Tower at the top of the list. Starting from its base that inspires young men to propose to their loved ones and finishing to the top, you can admire the stunning views of the luminous city. Make sure you don’t miss it!
  2. Palace of Versailles – we can discover here the reason why the French have such a distinct attitude. The Palace of Versailles is a true, opulent monument dedicated to the decadence of royalty. It is truly a unique example of ostentatious representations of wealth. It will surely impress you!
  3. Avenue des Champs Elysees – just like with the Eiffel Tour, a walk on Champs Elysees is another sweet cliché that romantic couples will appreciate. The street is filled with great shops so you will surely not get bored in case you don’t like the view (hardly possible).
  4. The Louvre Museum – extremely popular, the Louvre museum contains some of the most popular works of art in the world (Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo) and it surprises through its various exhibitions that bring diversity and sophistication closer to the viewers.
  5. The Notre Dame Cathedral – this is indeed a place of mystery, history and poetry. All these intertwine with the purpose of offering visitors a unique experience. Its construction began in 1163 and was completed only 170 years later. Its Gothic style, rose windows, and side chapels know how to charm tourists in the French style.

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When to go to Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is during spring (March-May) and autumn (September- November). These are the periods when the locals return from their vacations and you can truly experience the atmosphere of the city. If you choose to fly to Paris from anywhere in the UK you should avoid the month of July (Bastille Day -14 July) or mid-January when lots of couture fashion shows take place and the prices rocket.

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