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Vladimir Putin: “War with Ukraine is unlikely”


In an interview for Russian television, President Vladimir Putin has said war with neighboring Ukraine is “unlikely”.

Vladimir Putin also stressed his support for the Minsk agreement as the best way to stabilize eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine has said there is clear evidence Russia is helping the rebels in the east, something Russia denies.

Earlier, Ukraine’s military said rebel shelling had prevented them withdrawing heavy weapons from the front line.Vladimir Putin Ukraine war

In his interview, Vladimir Putin was asked if there was a real threat of war, given the situation in eastern Ukraine.

“I think that such an apocalyptic scenario is unlikely and I hope this will never happen,” he said.

Vladimir Putin said that if the Minsk agreement was implemented, eastern Ukraine would “gradually stabilize”.

“Europe is just as interested in that as Russia. No-one wants conflict on the edge of Europe, especially armed conflict,” he said.

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