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Experiences More Cost Effective than Traditional Gifts in February


Even though Christmas has passed, most people are struggling to find gifts to fill up birthdays and other occasions through the course of the year. However, with www.intotheblue.co.uk releasing a 15% February sale, it might now be possible to take advantage of several other gift ideas that take on a somewhat different complexion.

The general consensus is that experience days have been far too costly when pitted against the so-called traditional gifts. Now, regular promotions from companies such as intotheblue.co.uk mean that these misconceptions might become a thing of the past.

For example, flying lessons were once only reserved for would-be pilots, who were willing to take the extensive and expensive courses required to gain the necessary qualifications. Now, it’s possible to take advantage of just the single lesson, with some one hour programmes costing as little as £135 without any sort of promotion being run. It means that experiences such as flying are now open to a much wider demographic.

Even some of the more typical days out experiences are becoming much more accessible and subsequently, very well suited for gift buying purposes. This could come in the form of spa days, with some being available for as little as £39. Or, for those just wanting to purchase a smaller gift experience, some beauty treatments are available for just £15.

This can again translate to something as simple as a meal at a restaurant. In some of the most sought-after dining locations in the country, intotheblue.co.uk has created packages which can be bought for just £30. For those wanting to bring a little more excitement to the gift, experiences such as cookery causes, wine tasting and even chocolate making are also available.

There are some experiences which might just have been unthinkable at one time as well. For example, it’s possible to “be a TV presenter for the day”, or even spend the day in a singing studio experiencing exactly what it would be like to be the next big wonder in the music industry. With such experiences starting from just £69, it’s a small price to pay to use professional equipment if nothing else.

With all gift vouchers being valid for one year from the date of purchase, an experience also happens to be something which makes for a very flexible gift idea. Additionally, with the vast majority of attractions boasting loose terms and conditions which allow for different dates, the receiver of the gift certificate can make the final decision as to when they opt to attend their experience.

While the promotion might just be running through February, the company regularly run 2-for-1 deals through a sub-section of their website. A lot of the time these deals focus around cookery lessons, makeovers and other activities that are generally experienced by more than one person – making the gifts ideal for couples or even a group of friends.

To take further advantage of the reduced prices, take a look at the intotheblue.co.uk website for further information.