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Barack Obama makes funny faces in new video promoting ObamaCare


President Barack Obama appears in a BuzzFeed video showing him practicing his messaging that people should go to HealthCare.gov by February 15 to get covered.

Barack Obama made the comic video to remind Americans that they only have through February 15 to sign up this year for ObamaCare.

Photo BuzzFeed

Photo BuzzFeed

The video, released on February 12, shows Barack Obama speaking and checking himself out in front of a mirror. The clip is completed with silly faces and several shots with a selfie stick.

“In many cases, you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month,” Barack Obama said, following several instances in which he trips up on the pronunciation of “February”.

The video also shows Barack Obama making sketches of first lady Michelle Obama and donning aviator sunglasses.

The funny video, a follow-up perhaps to last year’s deadpan Between Two Ferns appearance with Zach Galifianakis, is the latest youth-focused effort on the part of the administration to boost sign-ups before the open enrollment period closes at midnight Pacific Time on February 15.

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