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A New Era of Online Education


In new era of knowledge, online education plays an essential role to deliver knowledge and many universities have adopted this mode of education. Some university faculty thought online courses offer very less learning than face to face education and student-teacher education.

Online education plays remarkably significant role and have unique techniques to deliver education to students. But this success requires a huge investment of zeal, passion and concentration to make sure that all students can get full facility of education. In May 2013, the School of International Services start a master’s degree in I.R (International Relations). It was firstly introduced at master level in United State.


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After one and half year, more than 100 students apply in this course and get live and online class from 26 states, 13 countries from different zones. Most students were retired army officers or on duty officers. All polices responsible for their admission, classes, decisions were handle by School. All faculty members prepare online courses within 7-9 months, including online lectures, videos and other stimulation for student.

Partnership with 2U, The School deliver pre-prepared and live coursework through an extensive platform. 2U invest human resource and financial support for online education. 2U invest resources to provide high quality and filmed interviews for students according to their relevant week course meeting. They are even given sometimes rush essays to test their writing capabilities.

In the live classes all students and their professor appear in virtual classroom on computer screen, and the professors and students can easily access to each other and teacher can appreciate fully engagement and participation of student in the class room. Different internet tools provide better enhance the quality of face to face interaction. Students from different areas and locations can provide a great chemistry in classroom. These students may be a deployed officer in Afghanistan, a professional in Dubai, Worker in international organization in Europe.

According to survey reports, all students and faculty members give great satisfaction and strongly recommend online master’s program to their friends. Universities invite their all online students to the campus for orientation in September – an experience like a family reunion, Students meet their professors and attend workshop on negotiation scenarios, and attend career development Alumni panel for their better future. Alongside 2U, they also provide same benefits and facilities to students as they receive in on-campus graduate degree programs.

To be sure, the online education has many challenges to deliver knowledge to the students of different locations at the same time. Despite all of the facilities, online system cannot provide same education as on-campus education. Sometime online courses are not fully aligned with the optimal uses of online platform. Luckily our all team members and partners resolve all these problems related to online education in regular meetings and all these meeting are very effective. Online competency based education can provide better experience and low cost education degree completion facility to the students and provide a great variety of easy, achievable and focused targeted programs for the need of people to access the great challenge of our time.