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How to Cheer up a Girl Pal who has January Blues


Once the holiday season is over many people get the January blues. The weather is cold, wet and miserable and your bank balance is almost non-existent due to the busy festive period.  As December is such a busy month, when it comes to January people feel like they are less sociable, less attractive from all the Christmas chocolates and start evaluating their lives which can make them over analyse different aspects, which in effect, makes them feel down in the dumps. Here are some ideas to help you cheer up a friend who is suffering from the January blues whilst also preventing you from getting the dreaded mind-frame too.

Remind them of fun memoriesIndulge in January Sale Therapy
Why not head down to the sales and treat yourselves to a bargain? Nothing makes a girl feel better than buying something that flatters her. Even if it’s as simple as buying a new nail varnish or some new pyjamas, it will make her feel better about herself. You can arrange a time with your girlfriends to meet up and show off your new items that you have both bought. If your friends have the same taste as the both of you they will most likely compliment your new items, making you both feel good about yourselves.

Keep on celebrating
Just because the Christmas festivities are over doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating. Think of a random reason such as just being alive to celebrate. Get a fancy frock on, invite the girls round and go out for a night on the town. Who ever said you can’t celebrate in January? Just because the rest of the world is being a hermit doesn’t mean you need to be too.

Buy them some flowers

Buy them some flowers
If it’s your friends that is suffering from January blues, why not buy them some flowers or if you’re hard up on cash, get your other girl pals to club in with you. What girl doesn’t love receiving a bouquet? Not many that’s for sure. It will make them feel thought of and cared about, and remind them what great friends she has, when she’s sat at home watching Bridget jones and feeling sorry for herself.

Remind them of fun memories
Another great idea for a friend who is suffering from January blues is to dig out some cute photos of you, her and the girls from great memorable times. You could even get them printed on personalised photo coasters so when she’s warming her tummy from the cold weather with a cup of tea, she will cheered up by your beautiful faces (teehee).

Take them away
One final way get rid of the January blues is to go away on a weekend break, it doesn’t have to be far but just getting away from the same household chores and routine can make you feel lots better. Why not arrange a family break or a trip with the girls. It’ll take your mind of feeling sorry for yourself as you relax and enjoy your surroundings.