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What are the most popular travel study programs for US students


Highlight on travel study programs

There are numerous travel study programs options available for U.S. students abroad depending on their needs and interest. Europe has been one the most popular destination for American students, whereby U.K. which shares cultural ties with the America being the preferred destination. The cost, destination, credit transfers, cultural barriers, as well as academic discipline are criteria which may affect popularity of travel study programs.

travel study programs for US students

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Internships programs

These programs typically require the partnership between American universities and host universities abroad where there can also be service learning. However, the program emphasizes on the need to seek approval from both institutions prior to the internship program for those interested in cross cultural learning.

Summer time study programs

Host universities abroad make prior arrangements with American universities and students to allow the visiting students to study for the summer program. In most cases, students learn for one semester, and language proficiency is necessary as this makes it easier for the students to understand the subject matter.

Host university sponsor

Study programs classified under the duration aspect are not the only popular options. According to custom essay services, students may visit and study abroad through paying fees in their home universities. This option works well when there are arrangements between the home and foreign institutions. Nonetheless, students have to take care of accommodation and transportation, but since there is credit transfers the program is popular.

Direct sponsorship by U.S universities

This option allows students to study in foreign institutions, but the programs follow a U.S. academic framework.  There are many similarities since students can use credit transfer and follow the same academic calendar to the U.S.  The option also integrates international branches of U.S. colleges and universities.   Even though, students may want to experience different cultural perspectives on learning, the problem of funding is a challenge.  Hence, sponsored travel study programs tend to be popular among U.S students.