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Si Robertson duck-umentary


Duck Dynasty fans were treated to a Si Robertson takeover on last night’s episode.

Uncle Si Robertson strapped a camera on top of a war helmet to give viewers a point-of-view look into the life of Si.

“Gentlemen, I present Si-vision,” said Jase Robertson.

“From this moment on, okay hey, the truth will be known,” Si Robertson announced to the camera.

“No one will be able to look at Si Robertson again with a crooked eye and say, <<Hey! That guy’s head ain’t on right>>.”

Si Robertson wanted to make sure his viewers were able to get a complete look into the Si experience so he strapped a second camera to his chest.

“I’ve got one camera looking at me and then I’ve got another one on my chest where you can see what a shorter version of me sees,” he explained.

One person who definitely would not be tuning in was Jase Robertson.

“This is going to get real old fast,” he said.

“This is gonna be what they call a classic,” Si Robertson said very confidently.

“This is all nonfiction Jack. Hey look! You can’t make this stuff up.”

Uncle Si Robertson strapped a camera on top of a war helmet to give viewers a point-of-view look into the life of Si

Uncle Si Robertson strapped a camera on top of a war helmet to give viewers a point-of-view look into the life of Si

But what started off as a “duck-umentary” of one man, navigating life as a duck call maker, somehow turned into a war movie.

“I know I said it would be a documentary about my life,” he admitted.

“Now it’s turning into an epic war movie.”

Sick of Si Robertson’s crazy antics, Jase, Jep and their Duck Commander coworkers Justin Martin and John Godwin set off on a long-awaited hunting trip and reluctantly brought along their uncle.

“Whenever hunting season rolls around, let just say it’s pretty difficult to focus on work,” said Jase.

But before they could head out for the hunt, Si Robertson had to take a bathroom break, which he of course filmed.

“In goes the good tea, out goes the bad tea,” Uncle Si said on camera.

“Can we go hunting now or are we going to sit around and talk about what happened or what didn’t happen in the Vietnam War?” Jase Robertson asked Uncle Si.

Once finally in the great outdoors, Si Robertson managed to turn what should have been a hunting trip into an episode of Oprah Winfrey.

“Speak into my chest and let’s get it off of your chest,” Si Robertson said as he asked Jase to share his feelings with him on camera.

“Bring the real Jason Robertson forward.”

“I don’t share my feelings with mad men,” Jase Robertson responded.

“That’s your problem,” explained Uncle Si.

“Treat me like Oprah.”

Jase Robertson began to notice that his Uncle was starting to get out of hand with the whole filming everything thing.

“Once you start comparing yourself to Oprah, things get uncomfortable just like a nature calling amongst a cactus thicket,” said Jase Robertson.

Si Robertson’s documenting started to scare off all of the deer so he was kicked out of the duck blind. It was either that or his Oprah comment.

“This deer hunting movie [has] turned into a survival movie” he said as he exited the blind.

“That’s what happens when you’re comrade desert you.”

Phil Robertson wouldn’t stand for his sibling’s shenanigans.

“You need to turn that mess off Si, and get back to reality,” Phil Robertson told Uncle Si.

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