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Halloween 2013: Five last minute ideas for DIY costumes


Looking to score an awesome and unique Halloween costume this year, but don’t want to break the bank?

Check out five delightful DIY options for your Halloween costume:

1. Mary Poppins

Practically perfect in every way, this costume is easy to throw together at the last-minute using items in your closet. The accessories are key in nailing this costume so don’t forget the red bowtie, red belt, hats, the umbrella or the broomstick.

2. Bandits

Make out like bandits with this couples costume idea. Pull this look together using striped shirts, black pants, sneakers, black hats and black gloves. The bags can be purchsed from a thift store or craft store. Use your computer to print out a stencil for the $ sign.

Bandits Halloween costumes

Bandits Halloween costumes

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox

This couples’ costume is timely and easy to make. Wear a vintage outfit so that when you put down your mask, you still look like you’re dressed in costume.

4. The Hamburgler

Have a striped dress in your closet? All you need are a few accessories to transform yourself into a hamburgler.

5. Medusa

You just need a few items to make this costume: A beige or white dress, gold accessories, sandals and rubber snakes for your hair.