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Halloween Decorations: Cheesecloth Ghost

Make your Halloween funny. Hang this spooky cheesecloth ghost from a tree or the rafters, and wait for a breeze to send it flying.

What you need:

• Wire cutters

• Bailing wire

• 3′ tall vase

• 8″ diameter Styrofoam ball

• Drop cloth

• Measuring tape

• 6 yards cheesecloth

• Scissors

• 1 16-oz. bottle Aleene’s fabric stiffener

Halloween Cheesecloth Ghost

Halloween Cheesecloth Ghost

• Bucket

• Black felt

• Hot-glue gun

• Fishing line

• Needle

How to do it:

1. Start by making a form to mold cheesecloth over. Cut a 3′ piece of bailing wire. Fold in half, then shape each half into a downward curve. Fold ends upward to form hands. Tape wire to vase, which will serve as a form for the body, so arms wrap around to front.

2. Place vase on drop cloth, then put the Styrofoam head on top.

3. Measure from bottom of vase to top of head. Double that measurement, then add 8″. Cut 4 lengths of cheesecloth to that size.

4. Pour fabric stiffener into bucket. Dip cheesecloth, one piece at a time into liquid, following manufacturer’s instructions. Drape first piece over form, arranging it until you’re happy with the look. (There should be roughly the same amount of extra fabric in front and back.) Repeat with each length of fabric. Let dry completely.

5. Cut 2 small and 1 large oval out of black felt. Glue small ovals to face for eyes; glue on large oval as mouth. Lift cheesecloth off form.