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Duck Dynasty stars: Willie Robertson


Willie Jess Robertson is the CEO and resident prankster of Duck Commander and is best known for his appearances on the hit TV show Duck Dynasty.

He lives in West Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife Korie Robertson and their five children.

Willie was born on April 22, 1972 to Phil Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson. He is the third oldest brother of Jase, Jep, and Alan Robertson.

As the only one with the business degree, Willie Robertson took the company from a living room operation down by the river to a premiere destination for all things outdoors. He says he honed his skills as a salesman by selling his freshly caught fish at the market with his mom as a young boy. Even then he was always working to negotiate the best price. While Willie Robertson says “being a redneck millionaire has its perks,” including buying new trucks, gadgets and swanky suits, working with kin can be a headache.

As a child, Willie Robertson grew up around hunting and the great outdoors, as well as a small business ran by his father, Duck Commander. As a boy, Willie Robertson handled a myriad of tasks at the company, including building duck calls, and even handling business calls.

Ever since childhood Willie Robertson and his brothers have been interested in the family business started by their father Phil Robertson.

Willie Jess Robertson is the CEO and resident prankster of Duck Commander

Willie Jess Robertson is the CEO and resident prankster of Duck Commander

Willie Robertson used his business degree from Harding University to take Duck Commander from a family business to a multi-million dollar empire. Duck Commander is the company that generated a great portion of the wealth that he has acquired, and also generated the interest to start the TV show, Duck Dynasty. In 2006, Willie Robertson started another pursuit when he started the company Buck Commander. This company has also created the Buckmen series of DVD’s and the television show Buck Commander: Protected by Under Armour on the Outdoor Channel.

On Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson is one of the main characters of the show, alongside his brothers Jase, and Jep, his father Phil, and uncle Silas. He is main narrator, and often is the peacekeeper of his business.

Willie Robertson tries to see that as much business gets as done as possible, only to be challenged by his brothers and uncle. His brothers and Uncle Si chastise him for being too busy, but he sees it as necessary for their way of life. From time to time, however, Willie Robertson will participate in the mischief of his coworkers and family.

He is also known for his Christian Faith, and goes about preaching and bringing people to Christ. He is also almost always seen wearing a bandana in the pattern of an American flag on his head, and often wears a white jacket to look more professional.

Willie Robertson is estimated to be worth about $10 millions and is also well known for his ZZ Top style beard.

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