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Duck Dynasty: Willie Robertson without beard


The men of Duck Dynasty reality show all sport awesomely wild and bushy beards, but there was a time in the distant past when you could see their faces before they grew in the shaggy facial hair.

Willie Robertson without beard

Willie Robertson without beard

Left: Willie Robertson is all business in the front and party in the back as a student at Louisiana State University.

Right: Nowadays, Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander. As the only Robertson with a business degree, he took the company from a living room operation down by the river to a premiere destination for all things outdoors. Willie Robertson says “being a redneck millionaire has its perks,” including buying new trucks, gadgets, and swanky suits, working with kin can be a headache.

Sonia is the heart and the artist of the team. She loves art and all that it implies. As Sonia says, good music, a well directed movie, or attending a music or film festival melts people’s heart and make them better. She is great at painting and photography. Working on scrapbooks is her favorite activity.