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Celestial Secret: New anti-ageing cream with meteorite stardust


From marmite-scented perfumes to soaps formulated with breast milk, the beauty world is fond of a bizarre ingredient, but the latest addition to the litany of unusual additions to lotions and potions is literally out of this world.

Just arrived from Spain is Celestial Secret, an anti-ageing range that contains powdered meteorite.

For centuries, meteorites have fascinated scientists and researchers worldwide. Every particle is more than 4.5 billion years old and rich in minerals unknown on our planet.

Along with otherworldly minerals, meteorite dust is also said to be packed with calcium, iron and magnesium – all of which can help benefit skin.

The meteorites used are picked up by nomadic tribes in the Sahara desert before being sent to Spain for powdering and processing.

Combined with extracts from semi-precious stones including haematite, rodochrosite, olivine and smithsonite, as well as botanicals such as beech bud extract, it is said to have potent anti-ageing effects.

Celestial Secret is an anti-ageing range that contains powdered meteorite

Celestial Secret is an anti-ageing range that contains powdered meteorite

The moisturizer claims to works to recuperate and seal the skin barrier for firm, moist, luminous youthful skin.

“The meteorite extract is very hydrating and has proven anti-aging results, proven by outside independent test companies who scientifically test active ingredients.

“Everyone who tries it say that they feel a benefit straight away which improves every day and after only four days you start to see a difference, which just gets better and better.

“We have proven photographic results using a much lower percentage of meteorite extract so we know it really works.”

Along with the main 50ml moisturizer, the Celestial Secret range also includes a professional spa treatment, made up of four professional-only products applied with an anti-stress massage and the brand’s anti-aging youth elixir.

Like the moisturizer, the serum also contains meteorite and precious stone extracts along with more earthly botanicals.

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