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Glen Rogers is the real killer of OJ Simpson’s wife, claims Investigation Discovery documentary


Investigation Discovery documentary claims that OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown was the victim of known serial killer Glen Rogers and not her famous football star ex-husband.

Glen Rogers, who was convicted of killing two women in 1995, is on death row in Florida. He reportedly confessed to the brutal stabbings of Nicole and her friends Ron Goldman.

The theory, floated by filmmakers for Investigation Discovery, marks only the second time an alternate suspect has been suggested in the 1994 murder.

The nine-month trial of millionaire OJ Simpson, defended by some of the top attorneys in the nation, remains the most explosive court case in modern American history.

The acquittal of OJ Simpson on the murder charges is still a deeply divisive topic.

Investigation Discovery, an offshoot of the Discovery Channel, reports that Rogers boasted that he befriended Nicole Brown shortly after he moved to Los Angeles from Ohio.

He is said to have bragged about partying with her and, more ominously, warning that she was rich and he was “going to take her down”.

The New York Post reports that Glen Rogers confessed to the crime years after he was already jailed for the murders of the two other women, even giving police a few receipts as evidence that he was in the area at the time of the double-homicide in June 1994.

The documentary explains that the reason why Glen Rogers’ name has never come up before is because OJ Simpson was purposefully keeping his connection to Rogers under wraps.

Glen Rogers, who at one point boasted about having killed up to 70 women in a cross-country serial spree, alleges that OJ Simpson hired him to break into his ex wife’s home to steal a pair of $20,000 earrings.

He also says that while the original intention of the partnership was to get the earrings, OJ Simpson gave Glen Rogers permission to kill “the b****” if necessary.

The documentary does not feature Glen Rogers himself, who is serving time on death row in Florida, but it comes close to home as it is based largely on interviews with his brother Clay who was the person to tip police off to Glen’s whereabouts.

Investigation Discovery documentary claims that OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown was the victim of known serial killer Glen Rogers

Investigation Discovery documentary claims that OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown was the victim of known serial killer Glen Rogers

Glen Rogers allegedly told Clay about the Brown-Goldman murder but he did not believe it. Later on, Glen Rogers spoke to a criminal investigator and went through step-by-step details of how the murder took place.

He is suspected of being a prolific murderer who used his charm and good looks to pick up women at bars.

Glen Rogers is currently on death row in Florida for the 1995 murder of Tina Marie Cribbs in Tampa. He and Tina Marie Cribbs reportedly had sex at a motel after meeting at a bar. He then stabbed her multiple times and left her to bleed to death in the bathtub.

He was later convicted of murdering Sandra Gallagher, a mother of three, in Los Angeles in 1995, as well. Her body was found in her burning pickup truck.

Glen Rogers is also suspected in the deaths of women in Mississippi and Louisiana.

California authorities suspect he was behind four other murders in that state, as well.

At one point, Glen Rogers boasted her murdered 70 people, though later recanted and said he was only joking.

The truth behind the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman has gotten murkier, not clearer in the 17 years since OJ’s acquittal.

The timeline of the crime has long been a point of contention as OJ Simpson infamously signed a deal to pen a book called If I Did It which was ultimately cancelled.

Numerous friends and acquaintance have come forward, claiming firsthand or secondhand knowledge of OJ Simpson confessing to the crime. However, the former football star and actor has publicly maintained his innocence.

Despite being found not guilty at the criminal trial, the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman sued OJ in civil court.

Several pieces of evidence were introduced that had been excluded from the criminal case. The jury found OJ Simpson legally liable for the wrongful deaths of the two victims. Their families were awarded more than $33 million in damages.

Earlier this year, private investigator William Dear floated a theory that OJ Simpson’s son Jason Simpson committed the murders.

In a book, William Dear claimed that OJ Simpson stood trial to deflect attention away from his son, who he says was mentally unstable at the time.

The theory has been called ‘absolutely absurd’ by some legal analysts.

One of the key witnesses in the case, Kato Kaelin, a small-time actor who testified for several days at the trial, has flipped-and-flopped back and forth on whether he believes OJ Simpson committed the crimes.

Most recently, he said he had no direct knowledge of OJ Simpson admitting to the crimes.

OJ Simpson is now serving 33 years in prison for a recent armed robbery in Las Vegas.

In 2007, two sports memorabilia dealers say OJ Simpson and four other men reportedly broke into their hotel room and robbed them at gunpoint.

OJ Simpson denies that he used weapons and claims he was only taking back property that was rightfully his from his days as a college football and NFL star.