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Samsung Galaxy S3 unveiled in London

Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy S3, the handset with a 4.8 inch (12.2 cm) screen, an increase on the 4.3 inch screen of its predecessor.

Samsung described Galaxy S3 as the “best in class” Android-based smartphone on the market.

Analysts say the popularity of the previous Galaxy – the S2 – was a major factor in Samsung overtaking Nokia to become the world’s best-selling mobile phone maker.

The firm said that the new Super AMOLED display was 22% larger than its predecessor, but the actual device was not much wider since it had shrunk the size of the bezel.

The development allows Samsung to boast it has a slightly larger screen than the 4.7 inch dimensions of the HTC One X, the top of the range model from its Taiwanese rival.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is also significantly bigger than the 3.5 inch display of Apple’s iPhone 4S and the 4.3 inch screen of Nokia’s Lumia 900.

It added that a mix of “intelligent camera features” and face recognition technology should offer owners a more natural experience.

For example, it said that the front camera would identify the user’s eyes and would not go dark or lock so long as they were looking at it.

Other features on the S3 include an 8 megapixel camera on the rear, and a 1.9 megapixel front camera for video calls.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available from the end of May in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available from the end of May in Europe

The phone also uses what is described as a “natural language user interface” dubbed S Voice. The South Korean company said it was a major improvement on the voice control features it included on earlier models.

“It is more like a good friend and listens intently and responds effectively to you,” a spokesman said at the launch event in London.

The facility can be used to command the phone to play songs, adjust the volume, send texts or emails and take photographs.

The function is likely to be compared to Apple’s Siri software.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in two colors, pebble blue and marble white, and the firm says that other options will be available at a later date.

One analyst attending the launch event said that the advances Samsung had made should help Google’s Android continue to be the most used smartphone operating system.

“The importance of the Galaxy S3 to Samsung cannot be underestimated,” said Adam Leach, principal analyst at Ovum.

“The company has built its reputation on producing the <<must-have>> Android smartphone and in the process has become the poster child for the Android platform.

“However, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 not only needs to stand out amongst a plethora of other Android-based smartphones, it will also go head-to-head with the next iteration of Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone.”

Adam Leach added that Apple was not expected to release its new handset until much closer to the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available from the end of May in Europe. Launches in Asia, the Middle East and Africa will follow.

A 4G version will go on sale in the US and South Korea in the summer.


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