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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reunited in New York?


New reports suggest Lindsay Lohan and her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson have reignited their former flame, two years since they broke up their romantic union.

Lindsay Lohan, 25, reportedly cosied up to Samantha Ronson in a club in New York on Tuesday evening.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson sparked speculation they’ve reunited after they were reportedly spotted leaving Le Baron hand in hand.

A source told X17Online.com: “Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing and they left the club holding hands.

“They didn’t care who saw them, and they definitely seem to be back on. It was just like the old days — they couldn’t get enough of each other!”

Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving her hotel room in the Big Apple the following day looking fresh and happy in her sleek get-up, sparking speculation she was glowing from her evening out the night before.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly cosied up to Samantha Ronson in a club in New York on Tuesday evening

Lindsay Lohan reportedly cosied up to Samantha Ronson in a club in New York on Tuesday evening

They’re evening together came just hours after Samantha Ronson appeared on American TV breakfast show Live With Kelly.

The DJ visited the set with her band Samantha Ronson & The Undertakers to perform her new single Summer of Sam.

And she must have felt the performance went well as she celebrated with Lindsay Lohan afterwards.

Samantha Ronson wrote on Twitter ahead of the appearance: “Super excited to perform Summer of Sam on @LiveKelly tomorrow morning. Hope you all tune in 9am est on abc.”

But it will be a surprise move for Samantha Ronson if she has reignited her romance with Lindsay Lohan, because she recently opened up about their relationship the first time around.

Samantha Ronson, 34, likened the experience to that of being “held hostage” and admitted it wasn’t a “healthy relationship”.

She appears to be opening up about her time with Lindsay Lohan in the lyrics to her track Sometimes When You Win, You Lose.

Samantha Ronson sings: “I just wanted to find some peace with you / You needed the noise as proof / And we started this war on the same side / Now I feel just like a hostage in the room / But I’m trying to find a way out alive.”

When she was told by the Daily Beast that many fans will presume it’s about Lindsay Lohan, she replied: “Maybe they’d be right. Maybe they’d be wrong. I wrote that song when I was with the person that it’s about. They knew what it was about when I wrote it. Yeah, it’s a little tough on that one.”

And when Samantha Ronson was asked if she was held “hostage” by the relationship, she added: “Most people would assume that it’s figurative, that it’s about emotions. But maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s actually literal. It was not a healthy relationship.”

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson started dating in 2008, before they went their separate ways in 2010.

Samantha Ronson has since been linked to blonde Erin Foster.

While Lindsay Lohan appears to have gone back to her old ways by dating her former girlfriend, it appears she’s also gone back to other familiar territory.

The actress, who has endured a number of legal woes over the last few years, is having to face up to a case over an alleged hit-and-run she reportedly committed in March.

According to TMZ.com, the manager of the Hookah Lounge in Hollywood Boulevard has claimed Lindsay Lohan struck him with her car before allegedly driving off without leaving any information.

Officers at LAPD have reportedly finished their investigation and sent it to the District Attorney’s office for review, but the website reports there is not much evidence to support the accuser’s claims.

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly denied her car went anywhere near the man and insists he’s making it up.


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