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Shark Week 2011

Shark Week began on Sunday, July, 31 with a premiere, “Great White Invasion”, about a horde of great white sharks that were swimming along the beaches from South Africa to Australia, and near the coast of California.


Discovery Channel broadcasted Shark Week for the first time in 1987, on July 27. In 2000, 6 millions viewers, from United States, and from Canada, received 3D Pulfrich glasses in order to see an episode that had 3D segments. That episode was about an extinct giant shark.

Now this television program series is transmitted in over 70 countries. The target for this show is the average persons, and its purpose is educational. The aim is to make people to know about the sharks, and to convince them that this animals need to be protected. It’s about conservation and preservation of the nature.

Sharks are a type of fish. They have  a highly streamlined body and a full cartilaginous skeleton. Sharks live in every seas and are ordinary down to depths of 2,000 meters (6,600 ft). They generally do not live in freshwater.
Five centuries ago the sharks were called “sea dogs” by mariners. The name “shark” first came into use in 1569. Sir John Hawkins’ sailors exhibited one in London and refer to the large sharks of the Caribbean Sea by using the word (shark).
Despite of the general belief that sharks are only instinctual creatures, some studies  showed that many species possess curiosity, great problem-solving skills, and social skills.


The Shark Week is  aired every year, usually in July or August. This year it will end on Friday, August, 5.

It is a good opportunity to learn and see new and interesting things about the sharks.

According to Discovery Channel, this year the Shark Week programme includes:
INTO THE SHARK BITE (Originally Premiered 2010)
AIR JAWS: SHARKS OF SOUTH AFRICA (Originally Premiered 2001)

Shark Week

Shark Week