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The Hubble Space Telescope has celebrated its 25th birthday by issuing a spectacular picture.

The picture features a spectacular vista of young stars blazing across a dense cloud of gas and dust.

Photo NASA

Photo NASA

The “Westerlund 2” cluster of stars is located about 20,000 light-years away in the constellation Carina.

Hubble was launched on Space Shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990.

Engineers expect the observatory to keep operating for at least another five years.


Porter Ridge, Discovery’s new reality show, allows viewers to meet an eccentric band of misfits in an isolated community that lives by its own rules.

Set in rural Spencer, Indiana, 15 miles west of Bloomington, Porter Ridge is from the same creators of the Duck Dynasty show.

The characters include Jeff the bear-man who keeps eight truffle-hunting brown bears in his back garden, to Dirty Andy who is able to turn any old piece of scrap into cash.

There have been rumors for months about film crews in the area where Porter Ridge is set with some residents even being hired as extras.

“This is so real, so visceral, so authentic,” executive producer Joe Weinstock said.

“You can’t put a better group of characters together. It’s amazing how all these individuals just live by each other.”

“When people see the show, I believe they’re going to come away feeling pretty darn good,” said Joe Weinstock, an Oklahoma native.

“It has a lot of heart. In the end, these neighbors who all unite and live on Porter Ridge Road love each other.”

Porter Ridge’s Jeff the Bear Man keeps eight brown bears in his back garden

Porter Ridge’s Jeff the Bear Man keeps eight brown bears in his back garden

Over twelve episodes the characters, who frequent Terry Porter’s Country Auto Parts junk yard, will be appearing with all of their peculiarity on display.

The show focuses on a shirtless Terry Porter who is described as the “CEO of an auto junk yard” where the lives of locals and scrappers, who sell old metal and such, are detailed.

Their code of life is simple: respect the lord, love your family and watch each other’s backs.

The folks of Porter Ridge describe themselves as a “tight-knit community of colorful characters that are unlike any other”.

Those appearing in the series include Terry Porter, the owner of a junkyard upon which the show is based; Jeff “the Bear Man”, who treats brown bears as family; hustler Dirty Andy; Elvis Larry, the local garbage man and jack-of-all-trades; and more.

With Terry Porter being the focus of the show, he fancies himself as the true leader of the community but the show suggests he’s not suited to lead much more than a scrap yard negotiation.

For Terry Porter, it’s all about the next get rich quick idea and whatever it takes to beat his longtime rivals from the next town over.

Another character who is sure to win fans from the American viewing public is Jeff who has bears simply roaming around his back yard.

Although he loves them as if they were his own flesh and blood, other residents on the Ridge don’t always have the same love for these 1,500-pound beasts.

Danny Bob is a worker at the junkyard repair shop. He claims to be a whiz with a blowtorch and can fix just about anything with an engine.

He also has a handful of ex-wives in his past; including one he married twice – which he says is the definition of “stupid”.

Dirty Andy is the scrap merchant on the Ridge and always looking for a way to make a buck.

Whether it’s an old lawnmower or a rusty trampoline, there is nothing that Dirty Andy can’t turn to cash.

The show will air on 12 consecutive Tuesdays on the Discovery Channel at 10:30pm ET/PT.

Joe Weinstock said the likelihood for a second season of Porter Ridge will depend on how popular the show is. A decision should be made by the start of September.

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Discovery, NASA’s oldest and most travelled space shuttle, has made a dramatic flypast over the centre of Washington D.C. on the way to its final resting place at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

Discovery flew over the monuments along the National Mall in Washington DC at about 10:00 EST.

Piggy-backing on a modified Boeing 747, the retired space shuttle was flying at an altitude of about 1,500ft (457 m), NASA said.

The shuttle programme ended in 2011. Discovery will be on show at the Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

After circling four times over the Washington Monument, and passing the National Mall over Capitol Hill, the shuttle landed at Dulles Airport, a few miles outside Washington DC.

From there it will be towed to the nearby Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, where it will be on permanent display.

During the flypast, onlookers lined the roofs of the capital’s buildings and the route to the airport, wanting to catch a glimpse of the shuttle.

Earlier, crowds of onlookers gathered along the Florida shoreline as dawn broke on Tuesday to see the shuttle take off from Kennedy Space Center.

Cheers broke out from the estimated 2,000-strong crowd as the aircraft left the runway, the Associated Press reported.

Discovery made a dramatic flypast over Washington DC on the way to its final resting place at Smithsonian

Discovery made a dramatic flypast over Washington DC on the way to its final resting place at Smithsonian

Dozens of former shuttle workers and NASA veterans were reported to be among the onlookers.

Discovery then passed low over a packed beach and made one final turn back over the runway at the space complex before climbing towards a cruising altitude.

The aircraft’s fuselage was illuminated by the early Florida sunshine for moments before it headed out of sight on its journey up the East Coast.

In Washington, would-be shuttle-watchers gathered on the National Mall, the two-mile-long public park running through the heart of the city, for a prime view of the mid-morning flyover.

Discovery descended to 1,500ft and was visible over the city’s Waterfront area, the Mall, and near the Jefferson Memorial.

The flypast was also expected to delight onlookers at a regular plane-spotting haunt, Gravelly Point Park, just outside the city limits in Virginia.

Discovery’s final destination is an annex of the Smithsonian Institute’s National Air and Space Museum, situated in Virginia, close to Dulles, the main international airport serving Washington DC.

Discovery was the most-used of the shuttle fleet, flying 39 missions, and was designated the fleet leader.

It is the first of three remaining shuttles to head to a museum. Enterprise – the prototype shuttle – and Endeavour will make their final journeys later this year.

The shuttle fleet was decommissioned and the programme wound up in 2011, after 30 years in action, when construction was completed on the International Space Station.

Retirement of NASA’s iconic shuttle fleet was ordered by the US government, in part due to the high cost of maintaining the ships.

The decision leaves the country with no means of putting astronauts in orbit.

Discovery was NASA’s third operational shuttle, launched on 30 August 1984

• Carried Hubble Telescope into space in 1990

• Flew 39 missions – more than any other ship in NASA’s fleet

• Participated in both the “Return to Flight” missions, after the Challenger and Columbia disasters

• Named after boats that undertook historic voyages of exploration, such as the vessel that discovered Hawaii and searched for the Northwest Passage

Source: NASA

 [youtube 5DuKuV-wXBs]

Shark Week began on Sunday, July, 31 with a premiere, “Great White Invasion”, about a horde of great white sharks that were swimming along the beaches from South Africa to Australia, and near the coast of California.


Discovery Channel broadcasted Shark Week for the first time in 1987, on July 27. In 2000, 6 millions viewers, from United States, and from Canada, received 3D Pulfrich glasses in order to see an episode that had 3D segments. That episode was about an extinct giant shark.

Now this television program series is transmitted in over 70 countries. The target for this show is the average persons, and its purpose is educational. The aim is to make people to know about the sharks, and to convince them that this animals need to be protected. It’s about conservation and preservation of the nature.

Sharks are a type of fish. They have  a highly streamlined body and a full cartilaginous skeleton. Sharks live in every seas and are ordinary down to depths of 2,000 meters (6,600 ft). They generally do not live in freshwater.
Five centuries ago the sharks were called “sea dogs” by mariners. The name “shark” first came into use in 1569. Sir John Hawkins’ sailors exhibited one in London and refer to the large sharks of the Caribbean Sea by using the word (shark).
Despite of the general belief that sharks are only instinctual creatures, some studies  showed that many species possess curiosity, great problem-solving skills, and social skills.


The Shark Week is  aired every year, usually in July or August. This year it will end on Friday, August, 5.

It is a good opportunity to learn and see new and interesting things about the sharks.

According to Discovery Channel, this year the Shark Week programme includes:
INTO THE SHARK BITE (Originally Premiered 2010)
AIR JAWS: SHARKS OF SOUTH AFRICA (Originally Premiered 2001)

Shark Week

Shark Week