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Are you worried how to keep your precious condo safe from prying eyes and unwanted intruders? Home security is as important as the upkeep and maintenance of the entire house itself. With social media updates on your vacation and lifestyle happenings, you’re leaving the door ajar for burglars to hit your place easily. Why live with such insecurity? Use my tips below to keep your wonderful house secure and inaccessible to any intruders.

Use a Proper Security System

Your house should have a thorough security system installed along with CCTV cameras, so you know what’s happening around your place. The system can check if there’s any suspicious person lurking around or is peering in through the windows etc. Have a nice security firm install Motion-sensor lights outside your home, especially in the patio and the car parking area. With such security gadgets, you can keep an eye on any unwanted person who intends to break into your place and run off with any expensive items.

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Keep Your Doors & Windows Locked

Have all your locks for the doors and windows properly checked from the local locksmith. For example, if you live in South Perth, then get in touch with South Perth Locksmith. Make sure they are expert in lock systems. Allow them to take a thorough look at all the doors including windows to make sure they are functioning properly. If you’re planning a sortie to run a few errands or heading off for work, check all the locks before you leave. Inspect the Garage lock, the entrance door and the backyard etc. Never leave your house without a complete lock-check for every gate/door.

Get Window Treatments

To ensure privacy and safety of your belongings, have a nice security company install window treatments for sliding glass doors and have the blinds or curtains like galvanized pipe double rods drawn especially during the day when someone observing the happenings inside can notice any movements clearly. With window treatments in place, intruders won’t be able to know where you keep your wallet, what time you go to bed or which rooms in the house are dark and easily accessible.

Use Perimeter Covering

Just like you mulch your home garden to keep the pests and insects away, have your entire house fenced or lined with a strong perimeter like a picket fence or iron fencing. These provide the much-needed cover to keep any burglars away because they’ll think twice about crossing the perimeter first before getting inside the place. Avoid planting too many hedges or shrubs around the front or backyard. These can serve as a good hiding spot for intruders; it’s good to have them trimmed at all times and preferably secured with wooden fencing for added security.

Have the Neighbors Informed

Ask the neighbors to collect your mail and turn on the lights when you’re away so that the piled up mail does not invite intruders for a break-in. As part of your time management in a busy routine, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your place is well kept and secured enough to avoid any damage or privacy issues. Even if it means assigning some time to implement safety measures once in a while, it’s worth the effort and it’ll give you the peace of mind.