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The body of a young boy seized by an alligator at Walt Disney World in Florida has been recovered.

Divers found a body “intact” that they believe to be the two-year-old, who was dragged into the water on June 14 in front of his family.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said the missing boy’s name was Lane Graves from Nebraska.

After the attack, five alligators were seized and killed in an attempt to find Lane Graves’ remains.Lane Graves Walt Disney World alligator

The body found in the water has yet to be formally identified but police are confident it is Lane Graves’.

On June 15, police said there was “no question” the boy was dead.

Some 50 people were using sonar equipment to search a system of lakes and ponds linked by canals to the Seven Seas Lagoon where the boy was attacked while wading in shallow water.

Lane Graves’ family was relaxing near the shore of the lagoon when the incident happened.

There is a “no swimming” sign on the man-made lagoon but although the boy was on the edge of the water, there was no indication he was swimming.

Lane Graves’ father sustained minor lacerations to his arm in the attempt to retrieve his child.

No signs around the lagoon warn visitors about the presence of alligators, a situation which a Disney spokesperson told Reuters news agency would be reviewed.

Dozens of tourists who shelled out $350 for an exclusive African safari at Walt Disney World in Orlando were sickened with a debilitating stomach virus that left them vomiting for days.

Health officials in Orlando, Florida, are working to track down the source of the mysterious bug, but they have not been able to determine what has made so many people ill.

The tourists were on the Wild Africa Trek, a VIP tour of Disney’s Animal Kingdom wildlife park that allows VIP guests to see hippopotamuses, crocodiles and other exotic animals up close as they sample food from Africa.

Disney has responded to the outbreak by making sure its employees are washing their hands more often and giving the tour a “deep clean” – scrubbing down any surfaces guests are likely to touch. The park is also encouraging them to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The Wild Africa Trek is a pricy tour Disney added 18 months ago to give some guests the opportunity to have a more personalized view of the Animal Kingdom

The Wild Africa Trek is a pricy tour Disney added 18 months ago to give some guests the opportunity to have a more personalized view of the Animal Kingdom

The Wild Africa Trek is a pricy tour Disney added 18 months ago to give some guests the opportunity to have a more personalized view of the Animal Kingdom.

Groups are no larger than 12 and tours last three hours.

A ticket to the safari costs up to $250, the Sentinel reports. That’s on top of the $100 ticket price just to enter Walt Disney World.

“The expedition is a true encounter with African creatures in their native habitat,” Disney touts on its website.

It includes a jaunt over a rickety rope bridge that crosses a river filled with crocodiles. Tour members are also suspended on an overhead track that gives them an aerial view of several of the sights in the park.

Some of the sickened customers said stomach cramps and vomiting for up to a week. A few said they had to be admitted to the emergency room to treat the horrible pain and nausea.

Most of the sickened tourists, though, said the virus passed within a few days and they thought little of it at the time.

Investigators with the health department are still trying to track down the source, though some of the tourists have said they were zeroing in on an infected pair of binoculars the tour members shared on the trip.



Disney Spring Time Orlando

No matter where you are from, spring is the perfect time of year to take a vacation. Your family may decide on a Hamptons Rental from Elliman, a beachside home in the Carolinas, or take a trip to San Diego.  But there is no better spot for a spring vacation than Florida. Florida weather can become very hot and humid in the summer months, but in the springtime, temperatures are generally perfect!


Orlando is a particularly excellent travel location during the spring months. Most vacationers flock to this top tourist destination after Memorial Day and keep the hotels and theme parks packed through Labor Day. However, during the spring off-season, prices are lower and crowds are smaller.


Walt Disney World

Photo By: commons.wikimedia.org User CaryMelC


Walt Disney World is often ranked as the most visited tourist destination in the country, as well as one of the most visited spots in the world. There are plenty of reasons why people love to revel in the magic of Disney. Each of Disney’s theme parks have activities and entertainment for people of all ages. Disney’s water parks and the resort hotel pools are welcoming features to those who have been cooped up in the cold all winter. Downtown Disney combines shopping, nightlife, and food venues ranging from the family friendly fare of the T-Rex Cafe to the fine dining of Paradiso 37.


Walt Disney World may be the most well known attraction in Orlando, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Universal Orlando offers the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks as well as its own nightlife venue, CityWalk. SeaWorld is yet another exciting spot for anyone who loves the wonders of ocean life.


When staying in Orlando, couples, families, and singles can all find great deals, especially during the spring off-season. Both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando have excellent resort choices, though there are many more resorts and hotels available in and around Orlando. Most hotels have complimentary shuttles to the theme parks and often one can even get an inexpensive or free ride to and from the airport. For a change of pace, and a bit more privacy, couples might consider renting a vacation home. During the spring months, these vacation homes are largely uninhabited and much less expensive to rent.

Walt Disney World Golf Course

Photo by flickr user Scott-stoddphotography.com


Orlando is also an excellent spot for the avid golfer. The city has more than 50 golf courses and is rumored to be the top vacation destination for golfers. Many resorts give guests access to private golf courses that can easily be enjoyed during the mild spring months.


Orlando is a wonderful place for all who visit, which is why people return to this central Florida city year after year. Whether you are on a two-week stay or simply enjoying a long weekend, a trip to Orlando in the spring is one that you won’t soon forget.