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Hunter Park has been arrested at the University of Missouri campus after death threats were posted online against black students.

Officials linked Hunter Park, 19, to some of the threatening posts but did not say how.

University of Missouri increased security but said there is no “immediate threat”.

Hunter Park’s arrest comes days after University President Tim Wolfe was forced out, accused of not doing enough to address racism on campus.

Threats mostly came from users of the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak.

Yik Yak condemned the threatening messages and said in a news release that the company works alongside authorities to help in investigations and it may share information with law enforcement.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

Hunter Park was not on campus or nearby when posting the message, police said.

He lives in Rolla, Missouri, about 100 miles south of the Columbia campus and is a student at the Missouri University of Science & Technology, the school confirmed.

“I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see,” one anonymous post read on Yik Yak.

Another warned black students simply not to come to campus the next day and another said “we’re waiting for you at the parking lots… we will kill you.”

Before the suspect was apprehended, protest leaders said the university administrators were not doing enough to address the threats against minority students.

One black student tweeted an email conversation with his professor in which he told the professor he was scared to come to class because of the threats.

“The only way bullies are defeated is by standing up to them … If we cancel the exam, they win; if we go through with it, they lose,” the professor wrote.

In recent weeks, students staged a sit-in on a university plaza and one graduate student participated in a hunger strike, calling for Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

Tim Wolfe stepped down after the university’s football team joined the cause, threatening not to play until action was taken to address racial issues on the mostly white campus.

Timothy M. Wolfe, the University of Missouri System president, has resigned amid accusations that there is endemic racism at the university that is not being addressed.

Tim Wolfe made the announcement as students and professors staged a walkout at the Columbia campus.

Some members of the university’s football team have threatened not to play at a game on November 7 over the racial issues.

Black student groups say racial slurs are commonly used around campus.

In his statement, Tim Wolfe said: “The frustration and anger that I see is clear and real and I don’t doubt it for a second.

“I take full responsibility for the frustration and inaction on this campus.”Tim Wolfe resignation

Missouri graduate student Jonathan Butler, who had been participating in a hunger strike as a protest, said the resignation was a “great step towards change” but there was still a lot of work to do.

“We still have a lot of healing that needs to happen on campus,” Jonathan Butler said, adding that his hunger strike would now end.

Tim Wolfe served as president of the entire university system and not specifically for the flagship Columbia campus.

Concerned Student 1950, the student group that has been having a sit-in on campus since November 2, tweeted that Tim Wolfe’s resignation was a victory but its work was not done.

“Our brother can eat, but we are still owed Demands! Stay strong!” Concerned Student 1950 tweeted.

A new painless cavity drill is set to hit dentists’ surgeries in two years, scientists from University of Missouri and the technology company Nanova announced.

The hi-tech “plasma brush” can hollow out rotten teeth in just 30 seconds, with only a slight cooling sensation for the patient.

The new device uses chemical reactions to disinfect cavities before operations, and forms a bond on the tooth which is much stronger than current techniques.

This means that fillings will much last longer than before, a huge boost for dentists and patients as currently many stay in place for just a few years.

Scientists from the University of Missouri, which has pioneered the research along with medical technology company Nanova, are confident that the new device marks a huge breakthrough in dental practice.

“Our studies indicate that fillings are 60 percent stronger with the plasma brush,” said engineering professor Hao Li.

The hi-tech “plasma brush” can hollow out rotten teeth in just 30 seconds, with only a slight cooling sensation for the patient

The hi-tech “plasma brush” can hollow out rotten teeth in just 30 seconds, with only a slight cooling sensation for the patient

Clinical trials are about to begin and are expected to show the uses of the plasma brush, according to researcher Qingsong Yu.

Qingsong Yu said: “There have been no side effects reported during the lab trials, and we expect the human trials to help us improve the prototype.”

If the trials are successful, the brush could revolutionize one of the most important areas of dentistry.

The scientists claim that 75% of all dental procedures involve fillings, and billions of pounds are spent on the minor operations each year.

Despite how common fillings are, they still fill many with dread – not least because of the pain involved in drilling in to a rotten tooth.

If all goes to plan, the pain will end in late 2013, when the plasma brush should be made available to dentists for the first time.

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