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UK Crash Stats


When you are a driver, you have a responsibility to the people around you. If you are unsafe on the roads, you could cause people some severe harm. Often, people fail to think about this issue. To some people, driving is second nature, and so they don’t worry about a thing. It may surprise you to learn that there is a growing trend in the UK. Each year, there are more and more fatal car accidents than ever. That means that more people are dying from crashes than they used to. One of the areas that have seen the most growth in this trend is Kent. The southern region has seen a massive surge in dangerous driving and accidents.


Phil Bradley

Fatal car accidents in Kent

When you compare the stats from 2013 to the ones from 2014, there is a massive difference. In Kent, there has been an 11% rise in fatal accidents. If the crashes don’t leave the victim dead, they can often leave lasting damage. Many people suffer from brain injuries after they have been in a collision. That means that their lives are never the same again. It is unclear why this trend has continued in this way. When you compare the stats to those of similar regions, such as Dover, there is a big difference. You could say that Kent is one of the most dangerous places for drivers.

Most common vehicle crashes

Of course, it is not just cars that have crashes; there are many types of vehicles that can have issues. Motorcycle drivers are always at risk since they don’t have much protection. When they end up in a crash, they often suffer serious injuries or die. That means that drivers should be careful when they see a motorbike on the road. Aside from that, trucks tend to be a risk as well. In recent years, there has been a surge in semi truck accidents in the UK. These accidents could threaten people’s lives every single day.

What causes car collisions?

So, what are the main causes of these accidents? Well, if you look at the figures, it is clear to see that there has also been an increase in drink-driving. It could be that more and more people are risking their safety when they have had some alcohol. There are other reasons that accidents happen on the road. When people find that they have a distraction, they can often stop paying attention to other cars. In a short amount of time, this can put them in a great deal of danger.

How to be safe on the roads

While you can’t control the actions of other drivers, you can learn to be safe on the roads. If you want to make sure that you are a sensible driver, you need to avoid any distractions in the car. That means that you should not have anything there that will take your attention away. You may also want to have refresher driving lessons so that you can keep up to date with your driving.