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two marriages destroyed: jada steals j.lo’s husband

HawthoRNe, Jada Pinkett Smith’s show cancelled after three seasons.


Will Smith says his marriage is “intact”. Jada Pinkett denies affair with Marc Anthony.


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have separated?


The US In Touch magazine yesterday release claimed Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage is in crisis because of the Jada’s relation with Marc Anthony.

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InTouch magazine made a series of claims in a six-page-long article,even alleging Will Smith caught Jada and Marc Anthony in one of their homes in Los Angeles.

The cover of InTouch magazine, which was released yesterday with a  6 pages article claiming that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have separated

The cover of InTouch magazine, which was released yesterday with a 6 pages article claiming that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have separated


Tuesday Will Smith and Jada’s spokespeople made two separate statements denying claims the couple have separated after InTouch released a statement, pre-empting yesterday’s explosive edition.

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Marc Anthony’s spokesperson also “unequivocally” denied reports the American singer-songwriter was involved in an off-screen affair with his Hawthorne co-star Jada, after the rumour mill went into overdrive. Marc Anthony divorced from Jennifer Lopez last month.

Yesterday all parties involved faced fresh anguish as In Touch was published, with a dramatic cover headline:


“Two marriages destroyed: Jada steals J.Lo’s husband!”


On Tuesday it was reported that Will and Jada have now got their legal team involved as the plot possible legal action to take against In Touch magazine.


Wednesday’s article claimed Will Smith was left in floods of tears after catching Marc and Jade together in their Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles. [googlead tip=”patrat_mare”]

It alleged Will made a surprise visit to the house in early August “under the cover of darkness” and found his wife with Marc.

The report didn’t tell about what he may have witnessed, saying a couple insider told In Touch:

“Will didn’t indicated exactly what he saw.”

InTouch also claimed Jada moved out of the house the next day – while Will fired several staff accusing them of covering things up.

In Touch alleged things have been a long time coming.

Another source revealed there was a visible sexual tension between Jada and Marc on the set of TNT medical drama, Hawthorne.

When Marc Anthony began playing the on-screen lover of his co-star, workers on set noticed the chemistry between them, In Touch reported.

According to a source:

“On set, everyone noticed the insane chemistry them.”

There were also playful exchanges on Twitter between Jada and Marc, saying how much fun they were having working together.

But it was when Marc Anthony split from J.Lo last month that alarms bells started ringing for Will Smith, according to In Touch.

Will Smith, who has been in New York over recent months filming Men In Black III “couldn’t ignore the timing” with the insider relating: “It was just too coincidental.”

Meanwhile a source close to Will and Jada told gossip website TMZ.com that they have decided to go away with their children on a family holiday before deciding what to do, but the prospect of a split in the near future is “definitely a possibility”.