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Negligence cannot be used as defense in a court of law. If you’re thinking that you could win any case because of your negligence, you’re misinformed. You need to stay safe at all times in order to smoothly battle it out in court. As a driver employed by a company, you may cause an accident and may be held liable. So, you need to know under what circumstances you’ll be held liable. Below are  cases in which you can be held liable in a civil suit.

1) If You Were Drank or Under the Influence of Drugs at the Time of the Accident

Drinking or use of any other drug while driving is prohibited in most countries. If you were drank or using any other drug while driving, the court will render their verdict stating that you’re liable. Therefore, it is advisable not to drink while driving or drink hours before you start driving. It will help you stay sober.

2) If You Were Over Speeding At the Time of the Accident

There is always a limit accepted by the authorities. Always try to drive within the limit accepted to stay out of trouble. Failure to drive within the accepted speed limit will lead to you being liable and some times may suffer arrest. For instance, if there’s a road sign at a certain point stating that you should drive at a certain speed, please comply. It will not only help reduce the cases of accidents, but it will also prevent you from facing charges.

3) Negligently Changing Lanes

This kind of behavior is common in the cities and towns. Car drivers will want to overtake unnecessarily even when they shouldn’t. It is important to note that when you drive into another lane and cause an accident, you will be liable and face charges. The rule states that you should keep left unless overtaking, but you shouldn’t use that as an excuse. Overtake only when it’s necessary. When it’s not, kindly stay on your lane. After all why the hurry? All the same, when you’re involved in such, you can get the help of a trucking accident lawyer.

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4) You Were Sleepy or Fatigued

If you are employed by any company, you should agree with your employers on the number of hours you’re supposed to drive. If you drive for too many hours, you may feel sleepy or fatigued which can lead to an accident. If you agree with your employer on the number of hours you should be driving, you’re not likely to cause accidents because of sleepiness or fatigue.

5) You Have No Driving License

Whenever you want to drive or be a driver, the first thing you should think of having is your driver’s license. In fact, if you don’t have a drivers’ license, you shouldn’t even drive because you will have trouble with the traffic police every time you get involved in an accident.

6) Truck Was Overloaded

You shouldn’t always agree that your truck be overloaded because at one point you’re going to be answerable to the traffic police. So, to stay safe, you need to pack or load your truck with the required number of stacks.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be negligent about some of these rules. You may face charges that may cost you. Always follow the rules and avoid falling into problems with the traffic police.


Kent Holcomb, a truck driver from Hampton Roads, was left stranded on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia on Thursday afternoon after harsh thunderstorms forced the closure of the bridge.

Trapped in the middle of the 37-km long structure, Kent Holcomb took out his cell phone and started filming as his big rig was rocked back and forth by the strong winds.

Wisely Kent Holcomb didn’t leave his vehicle, but his footage clearly shows the extreme weather conditions including waves crashing against the sides of the bridge.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life. They closed the bridge, and I’m stuck in the middle of it,” Kent Holcomb said on the video.

“You can see by my cord, just how bad this truck is rocking… I’m going to need a drink after this.”

Kent Holcomb was left stranded on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia after harsh thunderstorms forced the closure of the bridge

Kent Holcomb was left stranded on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia after harsh thunderstorms forced the closure of the bridge

The bridge tunnel is a fixed link crossing the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and connects the Delmarva Peninsula’s Eastern Shore of Virginia with Virginia Beach and the metropolitan area of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Kent Holcomb was heading home to Hampton Roads from Rhode Island when he ran into the bad weather.

High winds forced crews to close the 23-mile-long bridge tunnel.

“I thought I was going to be able to beat it – and I guess the bridge people thought that too – but that wasn’t the case,” Kent Holcomb told WTKR.

The bridge-tunnel originally combined 19 km of trestle, two 1.6 km long tunnels, four artificial islands, two high-level bridges, approximately 3.2 km of causeway, and 8.9 km of approach roads – crossing the Chesapeake Bay and preserving traffic on the Thimble Shoals and Chesapeake shipping channels.

It replaced vehicle ferry services which operated from South Hampton Roads and from the Virginia Peninsula from the 1930s until completion of the bridge–tunnel in 1964.

The system remains one of only ten bridge-tunnel systems in the world, three of which are located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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