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The word “anime” is short for animation and is generally used for popular Japanese animated cartoons featuring hand-drawn or computer animated characters. Anime started gaining popularity through Dragon Ball, Naruto, Death Note, and other series. While this trend of anime initially emerged in Japan as a way of storytelling and narration of historical tales, it has quickly become an entertainment enterprise.

With the increasing popularity of anime series in the global market, anime DVD shops have become extremely popular as well. We can consider these shops as exclusive stores resembling movie shops that offer new DVD releases. While at an anime store, you may only buy anime DVDs, an online DVD store not only offers movies, TV series and world cinema releases, but also the exclusive anime series. The commercialization of anime series including television shows, movies, video games, internet releases, and other visual mediums has made it easier for fans to buy their favorite DVDs from the comfort of their homes.

7 Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Anime Series:


Anime series usually have a lot of depth in their plots, unlike most cartoons. They deal with themes of good and bad, life, loss, hope, justice etc. Most people like these things, especially young adults can relate to them. These offer important life lessons and are more intriguing and addictive in comparison to regular cartoon series.

Character Visuals

Anime features beautifully drawn characters and locations that are very enticing on their own. The characters are colorful, attractive, gorgeous and inhuman. All these things add an air of mystery to anime shows captivating the audience


Perhaps, the most addictive thing about anime series is the way its story unfolds. The developers create the characters to go with the storyline. One show features many different plots at once. Anime movies never become monotonous and the storyline remains dynamic. The continuity of the story over the episodes keeps the viewer hooked to the show.

An Appropriate Ending

Unlike most dramas and series, animes usually do not have a second and third season. They usually end when the time is right. This is what I like best about the anime shows; they do not drag.

Comic Relief

No matter how intense or serious an anime series is, it always has a touch of comedy. Whether it is a certain character or certain moments that provide this comic relief, it is always there. These random moments of laughter ensure that you have an enjoyable time watching anime.

Action Scenes

Anime movies tend to have well choreographed and synchronized action sequences. The ability to draw gives a lot of flexibility as to how to portray action scenes. Thus, anime videos usually tend to have amazing action moments.


The characters are so well developed and complex that many people can relate to several of them. Some literally fall in love with them. The amazing portrayal of emotions, captivating voice-overs, and charming personalities render the viewers as huge fans of the characters.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, the wide variety of available anime genres has led to a rise in anime viewership.