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From trending product photos with stellar hash tags that get hundreds of likes on social media and eventually shared by celebrities, to a mention on a morning talk show for national recognition reaching hundreds of thousands, there’s a staggering amount of potential exposure in today’s media landscape for all your competition…and you.


When it comes to being the most pervasive, share-worthy and memorable brand amidst a plethora of others with access to the same excessive amount of platforms, the pressure is on. Yet, the road to going viral doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Below are some innovative ways to ensure your brand stands out amongst droves of others.


Subliminal Connectivity

Dove Chocolate did it with wrappers bearing tidbits and sayings to read while indulging in their treats, Coca-Cola nailed it with names on their bottles suggesting who to share the beverage with, and even the malt-beverage company Mickey’s made a cannon ball of a marketing splash with puzzles under their caps.

Photo Flickr

Photo Flickr


These kinds of innovative brand fringes reel consumers in with quirky, highly effective activities that can sear a brand’s image into one’s brain through positive interaction. The fun and cleverness is associated with your brand and could influence future purchases, whether those buying are fully aware of it or not.


Giveaways…Done WELL

No one can pass up freebies. So it’s one thing to be the brand associated with generosity, yet it’s a whole new level of promotion when a piece of swag is woven into consumers’ daily routines. They grab the swag from the event tote, or the tote itself, days after the event because it’s of use to them. You want your giveaways to be circulated, to be in use. When that happens the consumer is reminded of your brand continually, while other people coming into contact with them are introduced to your brand. An example of a potential useful promotional product would be portable power banks, which are far from stuff-in-the-desk-drawer material. Throw in an eye-catching design combined with the constant need for people to charge their mobile devices, and your actual return-on-swag investment looks positive.





Social Media (#duh)

It’s taking over the world! Well, that’s a bit dramatic. But there’s no denying social media’s direct correlation with a brand’s success, and companies’ constant ploy for prime social media real estate: likes and shares.


You want to provide valuable and sharable content first and foremost. Ask yourself if each post is either helpful or entertaining to the reader, as content should do one, or in the most ideal cases, both. This of course comes after you’ve honed in on your target audience, perhaps by conducting surveys.


Also be sure to use networks that support your brand image. Just because Snapchat is trending, doesn’t mean it’s aligned with your brand, or your brand’s audience.


Personality Is Key

Whether you’re a tech startup or mom-and-pop frozen yogurt store, pervading the personality behind your business is essential in differentiating yourself from the competition. To be effective your brand must be original, and ultimately have the ability to trigger emotions. Your brand persona may be something inspired by the story of how the business got started, or you can be more liberal and curate something unique, humorous, even zany, in order to carve out your own place in the industry, and above all stick out in consumers’ minds.


There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by others providing your same service or product, or seemingly limitless platforms from which to boast from. Put your thinking caps on, preferably with your logo on it, dig into what makes your name only yours and get to promoting that fabulous brand!

Currently, in the US statistics show that 80 per cent of the population have access to the internet. The potential for business growth through having a company website is positive. A web presence can attract loyal clients or customer. Most individuals use the internet for reference purposes, keeping up to date with the daily news, or browsing,which increases the probability of accessing your small business website. Your competitors may or may not have a website. The small business website is an effective marketing tool. Your website is accessible worldwide exposing your business to new business territory as the geographical limitations are eliminated as well as time constraints.

Website design- how to make a website

Consumers like well designed websites, that are logical and easy to navigate. The online store is a definite attraction which generates an income 24/7 for the owner if products or services are sold. Website can be designed cost effectively and enhances one’s professional image. E commerce websites are popular and allow one to interact with the customer maintaining dialogue and excellent customer service.


Website presentation has to be considered thoughtfully during the design process. The images one uses on the site and the clarity of the written text, including detailed information about the company will answer most consumer/clients questions. A regular blog can be added to the website informing customers about latest company and product development and news. Overall websites enable one to communicate with your target audience.

The company

Current company vacancies can be listed online, and one can develop one’s workforce through accepting applications for significant roles. One can utilize social media sites to write an introductory script about the company and include links to the main website. Online referrals of companies are read quite frequently by the public and can drive more traffic to your specialist company website. It is easier to view a company prospectus online initially or view a company’s products rather than making a visit to the business.

The role of a website designer

To create a website it is recommended to look for a website designer who can advise you about what is possible for your potential website. Website designers tend to think that a website is quite vital for the success of small businesses. Websites are informative and can improve the long-term financial prospects of a business. Many young entrepreneurs rely on innovative technology to build their businesses.

Overall importance of websites

Websites are versatile; they can be updated at anytime to provide current information. One can begin to gather useful customer information which is important leads for the future. One can email special offers for products to customers who have logged their information on the website. One can target products to a select niche of customers. Not all companies have a website. Some market their business offline or through telemarketing departments within companies. One will find a website can enhance one’s authenticity and extend one’s accessibility.