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The past few months have been very exciting in the world of reality television, as BBC was made to reveal they pay an exuberant salary of £450,000+ to their onscreen stars. There was a lot of chatter about just how much money, £75m to be exact, channel 4 paid to poach the “Bake Off” from the BBC network.

Many were unhappy about the move, and while BBC conceded it could not match the offer from Channel 4, they will be buoyed up with the news that Mel, Sue, and Mary Berry have decided to remain loyal to their original employers. Channel 4 could soon be sweating over the money they’ve spent, after many fans vowed to switch off and never tune in again. £75m down the drain? Only time will tell.

With all of these juicy details in mind, leading credit broker Cash Lady has delved into the realms of reality TV, to reveal just how much BBC, ITV, and Channel 5 spend to get celebrities on their shows – Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, and Celebrity Big Brother, and the results are staggering.

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

Starting with the show that sees celebrities flown out to a jungle, ITV was initially cagey about how much they spent on their superstars, but later revealed salary packages ranging from £70,000 – £300,000 per annum!

Not only that the celebrities were allowed to make large donations to a charity of their choice, had their tickets to and from the jungle paid for, and received bonuses.

Here’s the breakdown per contestant:

Spencer Matthews (Made in Chelsea) – £300,000

Susannah Constantine (Fashion Journalist) – £200,000

Chris Eubank (Boxer) – £200,000

Kieron Dyer (Footballer) – £200,000

Lady Colin Campbell (Writer) – £70,000

While the total costs remain unknown, what is certain is that Aunt Bessies was charged an incredible £6,000,000 for a three year sponsorship deal!

Celebrity Big Brother

While the show sees 14 celebrities and a whole host of other staff involved, Channel 5’s spending is markedly more reserved than that of ITV. The total sponsorship deal comes out to roughly £2,500,000.

The salary packages range from £12,000 to £150,000, the latter of which was controversially offered to Christopher Biggins, who was later kicked out of the show for inflammatory comments.

The revealed packages are:

Christopher Biggins (actor) – £150,000

Samantha Fox (glamour model) – £110,000

Grant Bovey (Anthea Turner’s ex spouse) – £100,000

Lewis Bloor (Reality TV) – £50,000

Heavy D (Reality TV) – £15,000

Stephen Bear (Reality TV) – £12,000

Strictly Come Dancing

The BBC was the only broadcaster of the three to disclose the entire pay structure for their programme, and have the lowest bill at £800,000.

All celebrities start out with a basic pay of £25,000, that increases to £40,000 for the next round, £60,000 for reaching the quarterfinals, £75,000 for the semifinals, and a grand £100,000 (plus the trophy) for the winner!

The breakdown for the show and the other two is given in the infographic below. What are your thoughts on the jaw dropping packages being paid to the reality stars? Read up more on the reveal here.



During Strictly Come Dancing semi-final on Saturday evening Lisa Riley and her professional dance partner Robin Windsor had the audience laughing for all the wrong reasons.

As the duo performed a Salsa centre stage to Best Years Of Our Lives by Modern Romance, an awkward attempt from Robin Windsor, 33, to lift Lisa Riley, 36, was not well received by fans of the BBC show.

During their uptempo routine Lisa Riley failed to gracefully glide across the floor and had many viewers believing she had taken a tumble.

Robin Windsor then swooped in to pick her up for the next segment of their dance but struggled to lift her.

The occurrence which lasted a total of seven seconds truly made for cringe-worthy viewing.

Fans of the dance show wasted no time taking to their Twitter accounts to discuss what they witnessed.

On person wrote: “That poor fella trying to lift Lisa Riley off the floor.”

While another tweeted: “Poor Lisa and robin!! Was Lisa sweeping the floor!!! #cringe #timetogo.”

During Strictly Come Dancing semi-final on Saturday evening Lisa Riley and her professional dance partner Robin Windsor had the audience laughing for all the wrong reasons

During Strictly Come Dancing semi-final on Saturday evening Lisa Riley and her professional dance partner Robin Windsor had the audience laughing for all the wrong reasons

However, despite Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor’s blunders the pair were awarded 31 points by the judges.

Speaking to The Sun Robin Windsor admitted that he believed Lisa Riley was at a disadvantage in the competition because of her weight.

He said: “Last week, the tango was the best Lisa has done. It’s still not how I’d like it to be but because of her size she’s quite limited. I hope the public realize how difficult that is for her.”

The British dancer also revealed that he was a bit apprehensive ahead of the Salsa as he feared it could “end in absolute disaster”.

“I’ve taken lots of chances by throwing myself at Lisa – so we’ll see what happens.”

[youtube fWMzACIRh1U]


Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan made his debut on Friday night’s show with a broken nose.

His wife, Ola Jordan – also a professional dancer – accidentally kicked him in the face as they practiced a group dance for the show.

James Jordan, who was seen by medics after the accident, is partnered with the actress and singer Denise Van Outen.

Ola Jordan later tweeted, saying: “I’m so so sorry @The_JamesJordan, I feel so bad!!!!”

James Jordan is the third professional dancer to receive an injury during rehearsals for this year’s show.

Dancer Artem Chigvintsev was also hurt on Friday when he was hit in the face by fellow professional Flavia Cacace’s elbow.

He is believed to have been bruised on the cheek.

Last week, 28-year-old professional dancer Aliona Vilani fractured her ankle while practicing a tango routine with veteran TV presenter Johnny Ball.

In the meantime, Johnny Ball was partnered by Iveta Lukosiute, a veteran of US show So You Think You Can Dance?

James Jordan said he was determined to carry on for the sake of Denise Van Outen, who missed her grandfather’s funeral to maintain the couple’s strict training schedule.

[youtube V9fyVeDdfOo]