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Internal communications within your SME are often difficult to navigate and manage. With so much going on and various teams to handle, it’s all too easy for communications between employees and departments to become lost. Communication between employee and upper management is also essential, and when these lines of interaction are insufficient it can lead to all kinds of issues within your business.

By streamlining the lines of communication within your SME, you, your employees and your business will begin to thrive. And when your business is thriving, your clients will certainly benefit from your new approach. Here we’ll explore some amazing ways to streamline communications within your SME, read on to find out more.

Update your procurement process

The procurement of electronic components, like this Ddr dram module memory ICs, can be incredibly time consuming and difficult to manage. When you have several departments in need of electronic parts and components for various applications, it’s important that duplicate orders and order errors are kept to a minimum. By moving your procurement process online to Sourcengine.com, you can upload your BOM, source the parts you need and share your activity with others across your business. Keeping everyone in the loop and keeping them informed of incoming deliveries and the components that are on their way. 

This simple change won’t just streamline the communications within your business but your entire supply chain and production line.

Be as transparent as possible with employees

Creating a transparent and open working environment with your employees, not only keeps them in the loop of any business changes or company progress, but also sets a precedent for clarity and inclusiveness throughout your organization. If employees can see how happy you are to share information about every aspect of your business, the more comfortable they’ll feel sharing their opinions and their ideas. All of which have great value.

Keep your company vision clear and consistent

In order to strengthen the bonds of communication within your business and to help employees reach their goals collectively, employers should regularly explain their company’s vision and work on keeping it clear and consistent. Whether they’re new employees and this is part of the onboarding process or they’re seasoned employees with experience, when everyone is one the same page, communications within your business will certainly improve.

Work on your “open door” policy

Not everyone has the courage to speak up, especially to their superiors. This is why curating an open-door policy is crucial for internal communications. Actively encourage employees to approach you and to speak up when they see something that isn’t right, or they believe they’ve found a way to improve the daily practices of your business. Employees should feel comfortable and be happy to approach you or management for all kinds of issues. An open door policy creates better relationships within your business and can even improve productivity in the workplace.

Final thoughts…

Improving the lines of communication within your business will benefit you, your employees and your clients. Start by following the tips above and remember that good communication is a work in progress.


Nowadays, businesses are so diverse, and even the smallest local businesses can have a huge range of jobs and tasks to complete on a daily basis that leaves not a lot of hours left in the day for anything else.

However, with the rise of this mountain of jobs comes to the latest technological developments, most importantly automation. There are so many areas of your business you can automate using software, allowing you to streamline your operations in terms of production and quality.

Not sure where to start? Check out these six areas of your business you can start automating today!


#1 – Streamline Communication

Think about how many different channels you communicate through with different people within your business. From instant messaging and social media to emails and phone calls, staying in touch has never been easier.

However, by dedicating a channel to a different topic, such as instant messaging for urgent communications only, and email for information, you can streamline how you stay in touch and augment the way you communicate.

#2 – Emails

No automation list would be complete without a mention of automating your emails. There are so many platforms and software packages out there that you’re seriously missing out if you’re not already using one to manage your customer emails.

From breaking your mailing lists down into demographics, A/B testing your emails and manage thousands of emails, there’s no denying the power that email automation can bring to your business.

#3 – Social Media

It’s far more difficult and time-consuming if you’re thinking of things to post of your social media channels and then taking the time every day to post. Instead, why not dedicate a few hours into bulk creating posts and then scheduling the posts automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.

This will save you so much time in the long-term, meaning you’re able to stay on top of and optimize your social media campaigns while spending minimal time doing it.

#4 – Automate Your Lead Tracking

Depending on how long you are currently spending watching, monitoring, organizing and managing your leads, why not get a super-fast and effective lead tracking application to do it for you? Of course, when you’re competing for every lead possible, this efficiency is essential.

#5 – Look Out of Opportunities

Every business is different, and there’s no be-all-and-end-all solution to what you can automate or not automate. Your business could be very different from another. However, the best way to look for automation opportunities is simply to look out for areas of work which are repeated over and over again.

This could be anything from generating newsletters, sorting emails, counting stock, checking till balances or anything in between. All you need to do is lump these tasks together to make things far easier for yourself and your employees.

#6 – Implementing AI and Deep Learning

There’s no denying the rise and boom of AI technologies is going to change the world and everything in it completely. When it comes to your business, this technology is readily available right now, whether that’s through a sales automation CRM or a third party, that can help.

Take the data points and analytics from your business and website, feed them into your platform and get automated control over your prices, your business processes, and operational functions; easily one of the best ways to optimize your business.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enhance your business using automation. Simply look for the areas in your business that are repeated regularly and see what solutions that are out there can help.