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The Internet allows entrepreneurs to operate businesses from the comfort of their own homes. But there’s much more to running an online venture than simply logging on. Studies show that more than nine out of 10 online companies fail within just four months. These industry secrets can help you jump start your online business and give it the best chance of success.

Launch a Landing Page


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Many online business owners think their online presence will begin with their website. But a good site takes time to develop, time that could be spent generating buzz and collecting the email addresses of people interested in your firm. A landing page is the ideal solution. Online services make it easy to get one with very little design or programming know-how.

Take Care of Logistics

An online business takes more than a website. There are many logistic matters you must take care before you start collecting from customers. Some U.S. states require online businesses to register for a business license. You may also decide to take out business insurance to protect your new company. Details like this should be handled early, so you can start focusing on business operations sooner.

Secure Funding

An online business might not have the hefty overheads of a bricks and mortar company, but that doesn’t mean funding isn’t important. Funding will help you secure a strong domain name, purchase the goods or materials you need to operate, and employ the experts necessary to fill gaps in your own knowledge. Even if you’re confident in your business knowledge, you’ll probably need to hire a designer to create a professional looking website and corporate branding.

Companies like bad credit business loans are ideal if you’ve been turned away by other lenders. Note though that you need to be in business for at least three months to qualify for these loans.

Make a Business Plan

When you’re focused on jump starting your business, it’s easy to forget the big picture. However, successful small business owners know that plans are essential for success. A weekly to-do list will ensure areas of the business aren’t overlooked. A more comprehensive business plan, which sets out your business goals for the next month, the next year, the next five years, and beyond, will also help give your company direction.

Spread the Word

An online business needs customers which you’ll gain by marketing your company. When you’re starting out, it’s smart to take advantage of free services like Craigslist, free online business directories, and social networking sites. Create a business account with social networks you already use, share it with your friends, and encourage them to spread the word. More than 90 percent of people trust the company endorsements of family members and friends, so this kind of word-of-mouth advertising can really help establish your company’s good name.

Working from home as the boss of your own online business sounds ideal, but it’s not as easy as it might appear. Keep these tips in mind to jump start your online business and give it the best opportunity to grow.