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The most ambitious goal of medical researchers is to find ways to prevent diseases. Methods to accomplish that goal do exist for certain illnesses, but are rare for others. Two recent medical studies on the molecular level exemplify the effort of the scientists to contribute to strengthening it against organ failure and to immunizing the body against viruses.

Avoiding a bad heart condition


In the US, 1.5 million people suffer from a heart attack each year of which one third is killed by it. Scientists of the Lund University in Sweden have now discovered a way to reduce the risk of a heart attack through a vaccination. The researchers have developed a therapy which leads to the production of antibodies attacking the accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries. Such therapies are often the result of comprehensive research collaborations on an international level, and also rely on the recommendation by the antibody supplier, which provides the appropriate kits for long-term clinical studies. The promising research results are hoped to lead to an introduction of the antibody therapy within the next five years.

A vaccine against cervical cancer


The vaccination Cervarix was approved in various European countries and the US between 2007 and 2009. It has been a great success as it immunizes the body against certain types of the Human Papillomavirus which were proved to be the cause of genital warts and cervical cancer by the German researcher Harald zur Hausen. Since its approval, many young girls and boys have got the three necessary injections and have thereby reduced their risk to fall ill to cervical, vaginal, penile, vulvae and anal cancer.

Vaccine against cervical cancer Cervarix - cervical cancer vaccine SPL

New results in the prevention of cervical cancer

In order to optimize the vaccine, scientists continue studying its effects in relation to the virus. It has been found out recently that even people who do not get the shot may profit from it through the phenomenon of herd immunity. It is related to the fact that vaccinated people do not transmit the virus to their potentially unvaccinated sexual partners and thereby help reduce the circulation of the virus. Hence, the virus may disappear or get extinct over time. This fact, however, should not prevent young people from getting vaccinated themselves. After all, one does not always know if a sexual partner is immunized or not.
On top of that, it has to be noted that there are still some oncogenic types of the Human Papillomavirus which are not covered by the current vaccines. It therefore remains the challenge of the scientists to develop serums to cover a broader range of HPV virus.

Swisscode Hyaluron, the so-called “super serum”, an alternative to minor cosmetic procedures and expensive facials, has sold out in the UK within just 48 hours of its launch.

The launch of Hyaluron, from beauty firm Swisscode, surpassed expectations thanks to claims that it can reverse the signs of ageing by up to five years.

Pre-order sales of the £45 ($71) Hyaluron serum topped 10,000, and beauty experts have predicted it to the biggest beauty launch of 2012.

Swisscode Hyaluron certainly helps that it has already proved a hit with the A-list. Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox are believed to be fans, while Emma Thompson and Helen Mirren are said to be using the serum ahead of the Oscars.

Make-up artist Lou Page, who will be heading teams at the Oscars this weekend, revealed: “Swisscode Hyaluron instantly plumps the skin and leaves an admired dewy complexion – it is the staple of my kit.

“I like to use it as a primer and serum before applying foundation – my celebrity clients dub it the <<super serum>> for its impressive instant results.”

The launch of Swisscode Hyaluron surpassed expectations thanks to claims that it can reverse the signs of ageing by up to five years

The launch of Swisscode Hyaluron surpassed expectations thanks to claims that it can reverse the signs of ageing by up to five years

The Hyaluron serum delivers the benefits of dermal fillers, the makers say, though without that too-plumped, frozen look that excessive Botox use can sometimes cause.

The active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, and the product is said to offer the component in its purest form.

A spokesman for the brand said: “Hylauron rebalances the proportion of mediators; these are very important for the regulation of the immune system.

“The skin maintains its young, fresh appearance with the serum penetrating into deepest layers of the skin forming an invisible film on the surface so hydrating and targeting the topical layers of stratum corneum and reducing environmental damage.”