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Seek Medical Attention and Care


Every year over 2 million people are injured from car accidents; 32,000 die from these crashes. If you’ve been in one recently, you may feel lucky to have survived the accident.

Even if you feel relatively fine, you should still make sure you’re in good health. Here are 6 reasons to seek medical attention and care after a car accident.

1. You Might Be Injured and Don’t Know It

At the time of the accident, your body will pump itself full of adrenaline and endorphins, which is triggered by the “fight or flight” response. This can hide the symptoms of injury. The signs of some conditions, like whiplash, may not even appear until a few days later.

2. Small Injuries May Get Worse

What may seem like some slight back pain today may become something entirely worse the next day. Chances are, you aren’t a medical professional, which means you won’t know if your small injuries are actually something more serious. A doctor can determine if they are and prevent your injuries from becoming more painful and debilitating.

3. Prevent Long-Term Consequences

When a body part gets injured, it’s more likely that you’ll reinjure it in the future. The sooner you get it treated, the lower your chances of that happening.

Also, if some wounds are not treated in a timely fashion, they can sometimes cause permanent damage and even disable you. This can prevent you from leading a fulfilling and independent life.

4. You’ll Have Official Documentation

If you have serious issues from the car crash, you’ll have official documentation of the extent of your injuries and what treatments you need. When everything is written down by medical professionals, it’ll be easier for you to handle any ensuing paperwork.

5. It’ll Help You File for Compensation

Many times, insurance companies will deny your claim if you don’t seek medical treatment immediately after a car accident. The reasoning is that if you didn’t need treatment right after the crash, then the injuries are probably not that serious.

Even if you present with serious issues a few days later (such as a herniated disk), if you didn’t go to the hospital and get examined right after the accident, the insurance company can say you were injured due to some other event.

6. It’ll Help You Get Maximum Compensation

Not only will having medical records from an accident doctor surrounding the accident help your claim get accepted, but the sooner you file, the more likely you’ll get more compensation. When you wait and see how your injuries fare, this gives insurance companies more leeway to reduce the amount of money you get. 

Get Medical Attention Promptly After a Car Accident

As you can see, seeking medical attention promptly after a car accident is crucial. Not only is it essential in catching any problems early on, but it can help immensely in building your case for compensation.

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