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The former residence of Romania’s communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu has opened its doors to the public after more than 25 years.

Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed by a firing squad on Christmas Day in 1989, but ordinary Romanians will soon be able to see the mansion where the couple once lived, Balkans Insight reports. The luxurious building – dubbed the Primaverii (Spring) Palace – has opened its doors to visitors for the first time on March12.

For nearly $4, visitors will now be able to roam the 80-room residence – said to include a cinema, a swimming pool and an impressive dressing room – set in 3.5 acres of grounds in Bucharest’s desirable Primaverii neighborhood.Nicolae Ceausescu mansion

The building was designed in the mid-1960s to the exact specifications of the former dictator and his wife, who reportedly personally picked the chandeliers and mosaics.

After the 1989 Romanian revolution which deposed Nicolae Ceausescu, the building was taken over by the state and only rarely used to host official delegations. It was put up for sale in 2014 but attracted no buyer.

In February, the Palace of the Parliament – another massive building built on the orders of Nicolae Ceausescu – opened its doors to virtual tours. With 1,000 rooms, which were once the workplace of 100,000 people in the last days of the Communist era, it is both admired and reviled by the Romanian people.

The revival of interest in the Communist era and an apparent softening of attitudes towards the once-hated regime come at a time when many Romanians feel that life has not improved much since Nicolae Ceausescu’s overthrow, Balkan Insight says.

At least 27 people have been killed and more than 155 injured in an explosion and fire at a nightclub in Bucharest, Romanian government and health officials say.

The blast happened on Friday night at a heavy metal concert inside the Colectiv nightclub, and a large fire broke out.

The death toll was confirmed by Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea and Health Secretary Raed Arafat.

Photo RomaniaTV

Photo RomaniaTV

Raed Arafat said 155 people were injured and were now being treated in Bucharest hospitals.

According to local media, fireworks may have been let off inside the club.

More than 500 people may have been inside the club, which was hosting a heavy metal concert.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis wrote on his Facebook page that he was “deeply grieved by the tragic events that happened this evening in downtown.”

He added: “It is a very sad day for all of us, for our nation and for me personally.”

Romania has won this year’s Art-football championship held in Moscow, Russia, after defeating the Israeli team on penalties, 0:0 (4:3).

The international football and music festival Art-football which was invented and organized for the first time in Russia became one of the most remarkable world sports and music event in support of the ideas of Kindness and Humanity.

Art-football festival is held in the frame of the “Under the Flag of Kindness” campaign with the aim to raise funds guaranteeing treatment of seriously ill children.

Romania has won this year’s Art-football championship held in Moscow after defeating the Israeli team on penalties

Romania has won this year’s Art-football championship held in Moscow after defeating the Israeli team on penalties (photo art-football.ru)

The teams including film, TV and music celebrities from 16 countries, participated in football competition with a format similar to the FIFA championships.

The charity Campaign “Under a flag of Kindness!” organized similar matches in Sochi in 2007. The second championship was also held in the south of Russia – in the city of Novorossiisk on the Black Sea.

The list of the countries included: Britain, Brazil, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia and Japan.

Every team was allowed to have not more than two professional football players (football veterans) in their ranks. Other members were obliged to confirm that they belong to the artistic world.

The 16 teams were divided into 4 groups.

The music part of the Art-football festival was also part of the competition. Every night in Gorky Park the two teams who were free from the games that day presented national gala concerts, backed by performances of Guests of Honor — the world class pop stars.

Among the Guests of Honor performing in the Gorky Park as part of the Art-football festival were the legendary Uriah Heep, renowned Serbian film maker and musician Emir Kusturitsa and his No-Smoking Orchestra and Russian famous outstanding pianist and passionate football fan Denis Matsuev.
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Romanian actor Radu Beligan has been named the world’s oldest active professional theatre actor by the Guinness World Records.

Radu Beligan was born on December 14, 1918, and at 94 years and 350 days old is still performing at the National Theatre Bucharest, Romania, as verified on 29 November 2013.

The actor has performed in many roles in an acting career spanning from 1937 to the present day receiving numerous accolades including the Ordre National de la Legion D’Honneur from the President of France for his artistic work.

At 95 years old, Radu Beligan is still performing at the National Theatre Bucharest

At 95 years old, Radu Beligan is still performing at the National Theatre Bucharest

Radu Beligan headed the Comedy Theatre of Bucharest between 1961 and 1969 and the National Theatre of Bucharest from 1969 to 1990. He was also a profession of the Theatre and Film Institute (1950-1965) and was elected as honorary member of the Romanian Academy in 2004, as recognition of his artistic career.
He was also awarded many medals: Grand Officer of the “Faithful Service” Order, the golden star and collar of the Order of the Yugoslav Flag.

Radu Beligan is also a Doctor Honoris Causa of the “I. L. Caragiale” National University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Art of Bucharest.

2013 Internet & Mobile World (IMWorld 2013), the biggest “business to business” event dedicated to digital, mobile and software solutions in Romania will host the launch of more than 20 applications and business solutions for large companies, owners of online shops and small businesses. In this second edition of IMWorld, developers are focused on applications for tablets and mobile phones, the CRM programs, the online payment applications, the “machine to machine” communication or cloud computing.

IMWorld 2013 main partners are  COSMOTE Romania and Romtelecom Business Solutions, who are also Business Software Partners. “It’s a great opportunity to learn and also to show you, future digital solutions. Our  bet is that businesses move to the “cloud”. In other words, the cloud solutions are those that will provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness that helps any company to grow further, especially if there are complemented by adapted telecom services to each of them, “said Vasile Voicu, Director Product Management Coordinator, Business Segment Romtelecom Business Solutions.

IMWorld 2013

At IMWorld 2013, which will take place between 9 and 10 October 2013, t Romexpo Bucharest, 5,000 participants will have the opportunity to test out a range of business solutions, beneficial to business or started projects. For example, online shops owners, visiting the exhibition will be able to see how work two applications specifically developed for them. For example, Mediapost Hit Mail will launch a solution that takes all logistics and enables merchants to focus only on product selection and promotion. Further, MODE 360 will introduce a new technology, which acts as a small photo studio, allowing 360 degrees photographs of product in a fast and simple way.

The next level in developing applications for taxi is marked by Stuff We Do Software Development, unique technology that will help taxi companies to run in parallel counters with drivers and check if the chosen route is the most appropriate. Other strengths of the application consist of video monitoring security option and / or panic button (for the driver and / or client), and NFC payment option (either by contactless bank card or by voucher, with the same technology).

One of the current global trends, the emergence and development of homes and smart cities underlying application signed by Renovatio IT Solutions. The company will premiere  housing wireless control system, tapHOME, with wich household appliances can be managed through a single mobile application.

This year, IMWorld developers paid special importance to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs improvement. Specifically, the EXE Software will launch esInsights, a CRM program with greater number of functions than an ordinary one. Also, due growing use of social networks in the business environment, Entersoft Business Suite beneficiaries will have the possibility to manage Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from CRM solution interface.

 IMWorld 2013

Between companies present with applications at IMWorld there is Decar Studios (an application specially designed for publishers, institutions, universities, schools, and for digital books dealers, which functions as e-learning/e-reader, incorporating a product local shop), RBC (an online payment application, which is achieved by scanning the QR code and retains shopping history, give costs details), Carnation Group (Wootocracy.com platform, the next generation of customer loyalty platforms that combine creative elements of “social gamification”) or Infinit Solutions (a campaign to generate real time leads addressed to “always on” connected and mobile consumer).

“We believe that the business applications and solutions launched [at the event] will show that Internet & Mobile World is the place where Romanian business people gather to connect with dynamic digital solutions reality. Here is the future, here is the key to many business problems. We want the Romanian business public to be up to date with everything that is new, innovative, intelligent and efficient,” said Cristian Hossu, Managing Partner of Universum Events, IMWorld organizer.

IMWorld access is based on pre-registration and tickets can be purchased online until October 8, 2013, visiting www.imworld.ro.

2013 Internet & Mobile World Additional Data:


IMWorld second edition is divided into three business areas: Marketing Technologies, Mobile and Apps, and Business Software and is organized by Universum Events, which is also the “Innovation Summit” organizer, first exclusive event dedicated to business innovation in Romania.

At the event, are expected 5,000 visitors and over 25 international speakers and 130 companies providing business solutions already announced their participation.

The event is supported by Cosmote Romania and Romtelecom Business Solutions, as main partners and sponsors of the Business Software World. Microsoft is Mobile and Apps World Partner and Saatchi & Saatchi is World Partner Marketing Technologies. 2013 Internet & Mobile World Sponsors are: Nokia, S & T Romania, Qualysoft Information Technology, Telcor Communications, Entersoft Romania, Fujitsu, Star Storage, Zitec, MailAgent, Agilio Software, Safetech, Agile Media, MODE360, Transart, BearingPoint, Dynamic Web, Mediapost Hit Mail, Mobixera and SEO monitor, Liberty Technology Park, Cisco Systems Bittnet, PayPro Global, Carnation Group, White Image, Romanian Business Consult, IT and miniPRIX Like. Metro Online is Office Supplies partner and Voxility is official supplier of internet services.

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Romania broke the world record for the biggest national flag making a triumphal entry in the famous Guinness Book.

A Romanian village unfurled what is the largest flag ever made, Guinness World Records said.

World’s largest flag came into display on Monday, 27 May 2013, following an initiative of the Romanian TV broadcaster Antena 3. Works on the huge flag were conducted in partnership with the Flags Factory.

It took about 200 people several hours Monday to roll out the flag, which measured about 349 meters (1,145 feet) by 227 meters (744.5 feet), about three times the size of a football field, according to Jack Brockbank, an adjudicator for Guinness World Records who measured the flag before pronouncing it the biggest flag in the world.

“It gives me great pleasure to recognize a new Guinness World Record title,” he said after measuring the flag.

“Congratulations Romania!”

Romania broke the world record for the largest national flag making a triumphal entry in the famous Guinness World Records

Romania broke the world record for the largest national flag making a triumphal entry in the famous Guinness World Records

He said Romania’s blue, yellow and red flag covers an area of about 79,290 square meters (853,478 square feet), downing Lebanon which had held the previous record.

The five-ton flag was displayed in Clinceni, 35 kilometers (22 miles) southeast of capital Bucharest. Workers struggled to keep it firmly planted on the ground because of windy conditions and had to use small sandbags.

Adrian Dragomir, manager of the Flags Factory which created the flag, says it took weeks to sew and 70 kilometers (44 miles) of thread was needed.

A military brass band played as Romanian PM Victor Ponta and other ministers arrived in the village to view the flag.

The ceremony was marked by spectacular aerial demonstrations performed by the “AeroClub Romania” paratroopers and “Hawks of Romania” aviators. Furthermore, a military orchestra was scheduled for a musical performance of the national anthem.

Paratroopers from Aeroclub Romania joined the campaign and made an aerial jump that was set to end with a remarkable landing across the flag.

Also a team of pilots dubbed as the “Hawks of Romania” unveiled their training skills on board of Extra 300 planes.

[youtube _xcQRc2iDnk]

Bulgarian archaeologists say that have uncovered the oldest prehistoric town found to date in Europe.

The walled fortified settlement, near the modern town of Provadia, is thought to have been an important centre for salt production.

Its discovery in north-west Bulgaria may explain the huge gold hoard found nearby 40 years ago.

Archaeologists believe that the town was home to some 350 people and dates back to between 4700 and 4200 BC.

That is about 1,500 years before the start of ancient Greek civilization.

The residents boiled water from a local spring and used it to create salt bricks, which were traded and used to preserve meat.

Salt was a hugely valuable commodity at the time, which experts say could help to explain the huge defensive stone walls which ringed the town.

Bulgarian archaeologists say that have uncovered the oldest prehistoric town found to date in Europe

Bulgarian archaeologists say that have uncovered the oldest prehistoric town found to date in Europe

Excavations at the site, beginning in 2005, have also uncovered the remains of two-storey houses, a series of pits used for rituals, as well as parts of a gate and bastion structures.

A small necropolis, or burial ground, was discovered at the site earlier this year and is still being studied by archaeologists.

“We are not talking about a town like the Greek city-states, ancient Rome or medieval settlements, but about what archaeologists agree constituted a town in the fifth millennium BC,” Vasil Nikolov, a researcher with Bulgaria’s National Institute of Archaeology, told the AFP news agency.

Archaeologist Krum Bachvarov from the institute said the latest find was “extremely interesting”.

“The huge walls around the settlement, which were built very tall and with stone blocks… are also something unseen in excavations of prehistoric sites in south-east Europe so far,” he told AFP.

Similar salt mines near Tuzla in Bosnia and Turda in Romania help prove the existence of a series of civilisztions which also mined copper and gold in the Carpathian and Balkan mountains during the same period.

This latest discovery almost certainly explains the treasure found exactly 40 years ago at a cemetery on the outskirts of Varna, 35 km (21 miles) away, the oldest hoard of gold objects found anywhere in the world.

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