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If you are the creative type, the sort of person who likes to look beneath the surface of things to see how they work or the sort who likes to make things, then you should choose a career where those characteristics can flourish. That can often be easier said than done, there is stiff competition when it comes to creative roles and you must work hard to achieve success. In order to get that success it’s important that you try to elect a career as early possible so that you can study the relevant subjects throughout your education and give you the best chance to get a job. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the careers that you could choose from in order to display your creative strengths.


Engineers really make the World go round, they are the creators of our transport, our medicines, our computers and our cities, being an engineer is a very well respected and well paid job. There is a world of options available to you as an engineer with several different types of industries to choose from. There are opportunities for real success in the engineering industry if you can work up the ladder and maybe one day even own a company like Anura Leslie Perera. People like Anura who worked across a variety of industries in his engineering career before starting his own aerospace firm are an inspiration for anyone looking at engineering as a career path.

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Web design, fashion design, production/set design, interior design, these are just some of the areas of design that you could go into if you have a an eye for style. Designers are relied upon for almost all businesses across the World in some capacity or another and it can often be a well paid job with good prospects. The industry can be hard to break into, it’s important that you always try to create something original and work hard to network and discuss your ideas with people in the industry. Look for internships or gratis work to learn more about the design field and improve your chances of getting a job.


For most photography lovers the idea of being paid to spend your days taking photographs may seem like the ideal job. Whilst being a photographer can be a very stable and well paid job, it is worth noting that the chances of great success are very hard to come by and it will take a lot of work and a little luck. Many photographers work freelance, the ideal situation is to find work with a particular business or company ,many of them however prefer to hire photographers by the job. Despite this, the internet has opened up far more opportunities for photographers giving them a wider platform to display their work. If you decide to work as a freelance photographer then, like with any freelance role, you must be prepared to receive erratic pay and face the possibility of going periods of time without pay.


Kris Jenner insists that the father of her new granddaughter North, Kanye West, “does not have a short temper”.

Kris Jenner, 57, had viewers scratching their heads when she made the admission whilst appearing on The Talk on Friday.

The mother-of-six was shown a video clip from last week when her daughter Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend lost his cool after a photographer kindly complimented his music.

When asked what she thought about Kanye West’s behavior, Kris Jenner said: “Knowing Kanye and I do know him very, very well and I am very close to him…he doesn’t have a short temper like everybody thinks.”

While the cameraman in question was merely complimenting Kanye West on his collaboration with Jay-Z on their hit album Watch The Throne, Kris Jenner said she thinks that the singer was most likely pushed to the edge.

“I think what happens with anybody who gets upset over something with paparazzi-related issues is that they are obviously provoked to an extent that we see nothing about,” the momager said.

“So we don’t know, I don’t know. I am just only seeing this for the first time. So I don’t know what happened before that so I don’t want to comment or judge on something when I wasn’t there.”

“I think none of us know the fifteen minutes that happened before that and how crazy they could have gotten.”

Kris Jenner insists Kanye West does not have a short temper as she attempts to explain Kanye his outburst at photographer who complimented his music

Kris Jenner insists Kanye West does not have a short temper as she attempts to explain Kanye his outburst at photographer who complimented his music

In TMZ‘s clip, Kanye West is seen “lashing out” at one of their cameramen after the snapper simply tried to tell him how much he admires his canon of work.

Kanye West had just arrived at Los Angeles International Airport when the incident occurred.

“Don’t talk, don’t talk to me,” the rapper yelled at the photographer.

He then spiraled off into an angry stream of consciousness rant: “I don’t want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows.”

But it was when the videographer asked if there’ll be another collaboration between Kanye West and best buddy Jay-Z – after telling the star he loved him – Kanye flipped.

He was seen charging back the cameraman and appearing to reach for his equipment.

As well as claiming that Kanye West is not so notoriously short tempered as everybody thinks, Kris Jenner also summed up the aggressive reaction to “sleep deprivation”.

After viewing the footage, fame-hungry Kris Jenner gushed about how much she loved the rapper.

“First of all, I love that man, I do. He is a great guy,” she gushed.

“I think he was just a little sleep deprived… because of the baby, probably, I don’t know.”

And when one of the panellist joked that Kris Jenner was not getting as much attention from the paparazzi since the outburst, Kris attempted a little joke that somewhat fell flat.

“Is that what this about? I tried to buy a couple of them coffee this morning and they wouldn’t even take that,” she said with a laugh.

This is the second time Kris has defended her daughters’ partners in one week as both Kanye West and Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom become increasingly fed up with constantly being under the spotlight by association with the media hungry clan.

[youtube CxUO8bYm–g]


Lamar Odom lost his temper as he walked up to a photographer’s car and threw all of his equipment out onto the street.

It came amid reports of marital trouble between the towering 6ft10 basketball player and his wife Khloe Kardashian, after a woman coming forward to claim she had a year-long affair with him.

Photographs show Lamar Odom, 33, rifling through the back of a car belonging to one of the photographers and furiously throwing his camera and equipment into the middle of the street.

Lamar Odom then walked over to another photographer’s car holding what looked like a tripod while the cameraman stood by, allegedly smashing the car.

He then proceeded to pick up the equipment from the middle of the street and put it in his own car, while carrying the metal rod.

Witnesses claimed Lamar Odom snapped after demanding to speak “man to man” with the paparazzi.

When they continued to take his photo, it is claimed, Lamar Odom turned on them.

Lamar Odom lost his temper as he walked up to a photographer's car and threw all of his equipment out onto the street

Lamar Odom lost his temper as he walked up to a photographer’s car and threw all of his equipment out onto the street

A group of people in a celebrity tour bus happened to be driving past, and the delighted tourists stopped to watch and film the commotion.

Oddly a fan jumped out of her car after the incident to have her picture taken with the star – and taking a break from his rage he politely obliges.

Lamar Odom’s angry behavior is especially bizarre considering the fact he and his wife and her family are known for actively courting the press.

A publicist for the family did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the photos.

However, sources close to Khloe Kardashian claim that the split rumors couldn’t be further from the truth.

“They’re more in love than ever,” a source explains.

They added: “Khloe did not kick Omar out of the house, they are 100% fine.”

According to Star magazine, Khloe Kardashian had kicked Lamar Odom out of the house after discovering he had been cheating on her since at least January last year.

The report named 29-year-old brunette Jennifer Richardson, who Lamar Odom supposedly met at the Stadium Club strip club in Washington D.C. after he played a game for the Dallas Mavericks.

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Actor Russell Brand has been fined $500 and ordered to do 20 hours of community service for damaging a photographer’s mobile phone.

It relates to an incident in March when the photographer tried to take Russell Brand’s picture in New Orleans.

Russell Brand’s lawyer, Robert Glass, pleaded not guilty on his behalf at a hearing at Orleans Parish Municipal Court on Thursday morning.

The fine and community service must be completed before the end of August.

Russell Brand has been fined $500 and ordered to do 20 hours of community service for damaging a photographer's mobile phone

Russell Brand has been fined $500 and ordered to do 20 hours of community service for damaging a photographer's mobile phone

A court spokesman said the community service must be carried out at a “suitable public entity” – which does not have to be in New Orleans.

Russell Brand was accused of taking the phone and throwing it through the window of a nearby law firm.

Writing on Twitter at the time of the incident, Russell Brand said he took the phone as “a tribute” to Apple boss Steve Jobs, who died last year.

The actor tweeted: “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”