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Although most enterprises make use of a multifunction copying device, using a standalone photocopier has its distinct advantages. This is the reason businesses prefer having a high-volume copier along with other accessories like scanners, printers and fax machines. Apart from being cost-effective, a stand-alone copier wraps up a colossal-copying task within minutes; a task that would otherwise have you embroiled in a dilemma whether to outsource the copy job or pay overhead for extra time and energy. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of a standalone photocopier for your office:

Fast Processing & Additional Features

A high-quality photocopier from a reputed brand will entail fast processing features including large, clear display panels and wireless capability that enables a firm to execute high volume copying tasks in less time with minimal effort. Mostly, standalone copy devices of today come equipped with a high page per minute or ppm rating compared to a multifunction device that serves as a printer and a photocopier. High-tech copiers that are slightly expensive can feature ppm up to 90 and more. Most copiers come equipped with built-in memory for easy document backup and retrieval for making necessary amendments to office artifacts.

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Cost Efficiency

Large volume photocopiers can be expensive office accessories but the benefits of a standalone device largely outweigh the option of having a multipurpose one, especially when large volume copying and document finishing attributes such as binding, sorting & stapling and printing cost per page are considered. With a full-time copier, the number of pages copied in a specific time period project a more positive trend that point at low copying per page costs and quick execution time. A third-party to whom you’ve outsourced would probably charge you two or three times more for the same job.

Durability & Longevity

Just like buying a MacBook that allows you to do multiple tasks is feasible, getting a multifunctional device may be tempting but consider the long-term usability and copying costs and you will find that a stand-alone copy machine for your office is a more viable option. Top photocopier brands offer durable machines that include software for installing regular updates for longevity and proper maintenance. This helps keep the photocopier up to date and in optimal condition for your daily copying requirements. Use a guide to choosing the best copiers for small business.

Great Functionality

Apart from fast copying and low costs, standalone copiers entail great functional features including the capability for wireless copying without having to connect to a desktop using a physical connector, a comprehensive user menu to assign tasks and manage copying requirements effectively and added features such as printing on different paper sizes, copying for variable paper thicknesses and selection of alignments etc.