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Regardless of the season, the tick problem can be a major hassle for pet owners. Pets become miserable with the constant scratching and itching, and then there are issues related to the various diseases that are carried by these pests, including Lyme disease. As the weather cools down, pet owners will have the opportunity to regroup and reset in preparation of the warmer weather much later in the year.

In the meantime, pet owners can get the jump on how to protect their family pets from ticks. Both residential and commercial pest control companies provide consumers a wealth of information related to ridding their pets and homes of pests indigenous to Australia. Pet owners will be pleasantly surprised to find that many of these remedies can be done right at home.

Continue reading to learn how you can keep your indoor pets protected from ticks.

Daily Check-Ups

The first way you can help your pet is by being aware of the problem. Checking your pets for fleas daily can be a way to assess the problems. When diagnosing your pet for a tick problem, there are certain areas where ticks gravitate. Most ticks can be found behind the ears, around the eyelids, under the collar (if they wear one), under the front legs, between the back legs, around the tail, and between the toes. If you do find ticks in any of these areas, it is very important to remove them because your pets can become susceptible not only to tick bites but also to a number of diseases.

Reduce Habitat

Check your pet’s house or hangout areas for ticks. Ticks come into the home through a variety of methods, and while removing ticks from your pet daily can help, keeping the area and home very clean can reduce the incidence of ticks. Also, consider spraying around the pet’s space and the home to prevent pests from taking root in the home. Wash all bed linen, and if your home is carpeted, make sure to vacuum regularly.

Use Treatments

There are a number of treatments, topical and oral, that pet owners can purchase. Tick repellents can be applied on the coat and absorbed in the skin. Flea and tick collars also act as repellents as well, and with dogs, the best ones come in direct contact with the skin. There are also shampoos and dips that can effectively reduce ticks, and while shampoos are good, dips last a little bit longer. With cats, you want to consult with your vet before applying anything to their coat. Finally, if the problem gets out-of-control, take your pet to the vet to get a prescription for oral treatments.

Avoid Tick Hot Spots

While it would be easy to prevent your pet from being plagued by ticks by keeping them indoors, the reality is that pets like to get out in the sunshine and play, especially cats who are known for wandering the neighbourhood on their own. When taking Fido out for a stroll, pay attention to heavily wooded areas or areas with a lot of brush because these are areas where ticks breed. A simple remedy is to keep dogs on a leash.

Be Aware Of Carriers

Rodents and other pets are possible carriers of ticks, and if trying to squash a tick problem, pet owners have to monitor both. Rats and mice are indigenous to Australia, so pet owners can again reduce the tick traffic simply by ridding themselves of these pests. If you own other pets, keeping them tick-free can reduce the problem as well.

Ticked-Off Solutions

Next summer you won’t have to find yourself and your pet plagued with tick problems. By identifying and avoiding tick hot spots and carriers, your pets will not become vulnerable to a pest that can potentially cause problems. Daily check-ups, treatments, and cleanliness can be a factor in completely eliminating ticks from your pet’s life once and for all.


Running your own restaurant is quite the adventure. From early morning deliveries to serving customers late into the night, you’re always on the go. One big part of smooth operating is ensuring you pass inspections and receive an “A” rating. Doing so requires preparation and even a little practice. Sometimes, it even requires commercial pest control services. Read on for tips on making the grade with your restaurant.

Preparation and Practice

One way to ensure your restaurant passes inspection is to practice. You should have a copy of the local food code regulations that you must follow. Use it to look through your own establishment as if you were the health inspector. You may want to do a surprise inspection on your employees to help them prepare as well. You can also prepare by setting up a maintenance schedule, employing food handlers who are ServSafe-certified and periodically having re-training days for employees. Remember to keep accurate and organized records as well.

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Pest Control

While proper food storage is a key component to preventing pests in your restaurant, even the cleanest establishments might come across insects or rodents from time to time. Companies that provide commercial pest control services can inspect your restaurant and provide treatment for cockroaches, termites, ants, rats, mice and a variety of other pests. You may notice signs of little visitors, such as droppings or food items that look chewed on, but even if you don’t see signs, you should have a professional inspect your property at regular intervals.

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Proper Food Storage

Proper food storage and preparation is essential for passing an inspection. Store all food according to safe temperature specifications and at least six inches away from the ground. Never store uncooked food above ingredients that are ready to eat and ensure everything is properly wrapped. Remember to check your refrigerators and freezers regularly to ensure they do not rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to preparation, never cross-contaminate. Use separate cookware, utensils and surfaces for every raw or allergen-inducting food, and always wash them in hot water with approved soap before re-using them. It may help to use an HACCP program that color-coordinates prep tools so that you don’t accidentally cross-contaminate. Remember, food handlers should have clean nails, hands and forearms and should have their hair tied back and in a net. Anyone who is ill should not handle food.

If you find yourself in need of commercial pest control services for your restaurant, including wildlife removal, always hire a professional. Doing it yourself may save money now but missing something could mean lost income while you close shop to fix the problem after a poor inspection.


While the simplest way to keep pests away in a household is by good old fashion prevention measures, normal sanitation and regular maintenance, it sometimes occurs that you will be faced with a much more troublesome infestation of certain pests. In that case, you will want to call in the experts to handle it. Finding the best service for these situations is an endeavor in and of itself.

It will also depend on your region, finding the best pest control company in Scotland can be an entirely different challenge than finding one in Ireland.

Similar to any other service, you will have to look for the best possible quality and for the best value for your money. Cost should not always be the singular factor when you determine the company itself. Competency will probably be your main concern. You will not want to invest a large sum of money into a service that will not only not solve your pest issue, but might also cause property and health damage.

There are a few things you need to take into consideration when contracting such a company.

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Research the issue and a service

As soon as pests are detected, most people just want the issue to be removed immediately. However, chances are that this pest problem will not cause any immediate damage and you have time research it and a company to solve this issue. You can read through reviews and see if the company is highly regarded, you will have time to check out pricing and even contact them to describe your issue. You may want to consult multiple companies to see if they agree on the issue, most provide these consulting services for free.

Once you have more or less decided on the company you will want to solve your issue, consider doing some checking up on its history. See for how long have they been active and contact legal authorities to confirm that they are running a legal business. They might also provide any insight on complaints that might have been raised regarding them.

Besides the company itself, you will also want to look into the person who will be actually performing these services. They must be a licensed applicator of pesticides in order for them to safely handle the necessary equipment.

Other Points to take into Consideration

It is generally a good idea to make the home as tidy as possible to ensure that the applicator has ample space to work, and for your belongings to not be exposed to pesticides.

Besides this, you will also want to ensure that children and pets are kept safe away from the area where pesticides have been applied.