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Did you know that lots of people have found love thanks to BlackBerry BBM? As a matter of fact, there is an entire Facebook page dedicated for people to share their stories. If you’re just curious about the highlights, here are six stories of love that happened in part because of BlackBerry BBM.

Julie and Andrew

Image via Flickr by Numbuzz

Julie and Andrew met in England and their relationship took off after they exchanged a few BBM messages. Then, Julie moved back to be with her family in Canada and the couple stayed in contact thanks to their BlackBerry phones. Their relationship continued long distance through, phone calls, messaging, and emoticons.

Navin and Niharika

This couple met during an internship training in Goa. When it was finished, they both parted ways and stayed in contact thanks to BBM for android smartphones. They spoke on the phone and chatted through BlackBerry BBM. They finally got together after Nagpur finished her studies and went back home to Mumbai. They got married and have been together for nine years now.

Siddharth and Mahek

One month into their relationship, Siddharth and Mahek reached their 100 sms limit. That’s when they decided to buy BlackBerry phones together because of BlackBerry BBM. They can now send unlimited messages to each other without the standard cost of text messages. The couple describes how BlackBerry BBM keeps them in love, saying, “I like a shirt, I send her a photo. She likes a shoe, she sends me a photo.” It keeps them connected to each other at all times. “I love you,” is one of their favorite messages to send.

Niki and Vishnu

This couple met at one of the clubs in Cochin where they had love at first sight. By the end of the night, Niki and Vishnu had exchanged numbers. They called and texted back and forth for a week until they decided to start dating. They credit BlackBerry BBM for their loving relationship. Niki says, “Without his ping in the morning, my day is definitely incomplete.

Usha and Abid

These childhood friends decided that they were made for each other and became a couple. Growing up together helped them learn each other’s likes and dislikes and strengthen their relationship. They now stay connected and in love thanks to BlackBerry BBM.

Tanaya and Amit

Both Tanaya and Amit wanted to get married so they turned to a dating website where they found each other. After the parents approved, arrangements started being made to get the marriage started. While that was happening, Tanaya and Amit fell in loved by texting each other during all of their spare time. The first gift that Amit gave Tanaya was a BlackBerry phone so they could stay connected. They are now inseparable. They will be getting married very soon.

These are just a few accounts of the great love stories that were made possible because of BlackBerry BBM. Do you have a love story you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.