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A hilarious video shows the moment that all but one of the 29 members of Frank Fearon and Patricia Andrews wedding party plunged into the water as screams and laughter echoed around Lake Lanier near Gainesville, Georgia.

Frank Fearon, 30, and his 26-year-old bride Patricia Andrews married earlier this month, the wooden dock struggled to hold their extensive group and broke – dunking them into the water below.

Patricia Andrews’ brother Chase Andrews, who himself fell into the murky water, laughed as he recounted how the group – consisting of 13 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen – was preparing for photos when the dock gave way.

“We heard a little <<pop>> when the bolt came out and then it started falling,” said Chase Andrews.

“There were just too many of us standing there.

“The immediate reaction was, <<Is everyone OK?>>. And then it was, <<This is pretty funny>>.”

Chase Andrews said the newlyweds, who managed to clamber to dry land before the dock fell, immediately saw the funny side.

Patricia and Frank Fearon wedding party falls into Lake Lanier in Georgia

Patricia and Frank Fearon wedding party falls into Lake Lanier in Georgia

“They were shocked, but they were really laughing,” Chase Andrews said.

“Trish is such a good sport and she was just feeling so happy to be married.”

Only the bottom of her dress got wet, while her groom escaped without a splash. The bridesmaids threw their dresses in the driers, while many of the groomsmen just ignored it and hit the dance floor.

But the night didn’t end so well for one of the bridesmaids, who was nearest land when the dock collapsed. She ended up hitting concrete, fracturing her humorous and spending the night in E.R.

“Everyone got a little bit of something,” Chase Andrews added.

“There were bruises over our arms and shoulders, but everyone just laughed it off.”

After the incident, they went on to have a fantastic evening of partying in the beautiful surroundings of his grandmother’s home in Lake Lanier, Chase Andrews said.

“They had friends come from across the world to join in the party,” he said.

“It’s definitely going to be a memorable one.”

Chase Andrews, a video producer for Remedy Films, put together a short film of the hilarious moment the dock gave way and shared it on YouTube.

It shows the group giggling as nearly all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen swim for the bank in their finery. His sister, Patricia Andrews, a photographer, and her groom, Frank Fearon, an engineer, are seen laughing from dry land.

“Thankfully this was after the ceremony,” the video caption explains.

“It was deemed the <<wedding wetting>>. Everyone got dried off and the reception went on to be one of the best celebrations to date.

“Only minor injuries and a lot of wet iPhone 5’s. A fractured humorous, was the only thing not humorous about this.”

[youtube CQcqshr1cVk]