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Party In Madrid


Madrid is the city that has it all. Sun and culture combine in a vibrant mix. Even the colour of the buildings in Madrid has a party atmosphere. Pastel oranges are lining the streets in curved rows.

Madrid is Spain’s beating heart. It survives and thrives because of its past, and its future. The youth of Madrid really comes to the foreground when you see the street art. Simple acts graffiti are made into outdoor art galleries.

Edificio Metropolis

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If you’ve come to Madrid for indulgence, you’re well catered for. If you’ve never tried tapas before, there’s no better place than Biotza.

Tapas is a meal consisting of small snack-like dishes. For those amongst you who get bored with your food quickly, this is for you.

The Mediterranean countries are known for their cooking. Spain is no different, and Madrid makes you know that.

You’ll be able to practically smell where the good food is.

Likewise for drinks, expect something different but opulent. The Roof is situated on the top of the Plaza de Santa Ana. It’s a cocktail bar, but on top of a building. Not great for those who don’t like heights, but provides a spectacular view with your drink.

If you prefer something more grounded, try the Teatro Joy Eslava. It’s a dance club. So if pounding music and moving your body like no tomorrow is what you’re into, get ready to shake it.

In keeping with the finesse and beauty of the city, Madrid hotels are often pretty swanky. Stylish rooms and stylish lobbies alike from my experience. Check out Venere to see some of them.

If you want to have a night out on the down low, try La Venencia. La Venencia is a sherry bar, with a real old school feel. Lots of wood, and no music. Conversation is your soundtrack in here.

If you want a little culture in your visit the Museo del Prado is a great place to go look at some art. Appreciate it properly though, don’t go with a hangover.

You don’t want some of the greatest works mankind has made to be wobbling all over the place.

For a more everyday experience in Madrid try hanging around Plaza Mayor. While quite an extravagant building, it’s a nice place just to take a seat and enjoy yourself.

Nothing says you can’t just sit down with a book on holiday.

You can get a little stiff with inactivity if you’re having a relaxing holiday. Besides walking, keeping yourself active can improve your experience.

Madrid has cycling tours for instance. Get to know the area while on the move. Stay fit, and learn about the local area.

If you’re looking to spend some money though, El Rastro is the premiere flea market of Madrid. There’s no guarantee you’ll see anything you like.

The chance to find a figurative diamond in the rough is always there though. Besides, you might find something that’ll make a nice souvenir to take home with you.


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Madrid is a city that likes to have fun. It has a quieter, gentler side though. Whether you’re looking to party all night or browse the markets, you could have the time of your life.