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For all of the car enthusiasts out there, this is for YOU! MyImprov.com picks the TOP 10 Movies of all time, starring your favorite actor, THE CAR.


The Love Bug (1968)

The Love Bug is a classic live-action Disney story about a racecar driver, Jim, and his mechanic, Tennessee, who come into possession of an adorable white Volkswagen Beetle, named Herbie, that has a mind of its own.  The duo gain buzz among the racing circuit.  This upsets a sports car dealer named Peter and he has his assistant try to come between the duo and their magical car.  Comedic fun ensues that is appropriate for the whole family.

Vanishing Point (1971)

Vanishing Point is about a Vietnam War hero turned drug addict driver for hire named Kowalski.  While transporting a Dodge Challenger from Colorado to California, he decided to make the trip more interesting by making a wager with his drug dealer.  He bet that he could complete the trip in less than 15 hours and if he succeeds, his most recent drug pick up would be free.  His crazy driving resulted in a police chase, which was highly publicized and Kowalski’s refusal to pull over turned him into a symbol of freedom for spectators. This movie easily became a cult classic.

Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

Gone in 60 Seconds is a story about an insurance investigator by day/professional car thief by night named Maindrian Pace, who is hired by a South American drug lord to steal 48 cars in five days for $400,000.  He accepts the job, thinking that it would be easy money for himself and his group, until he gets found out.  After stealing a ’71 Ford Mustang, named Eleanor, in Long Beach, the police suddenly pop up and he ends up in a car chase throughout Southern California.

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

At the time that this movie was released, it was illegal to sell Coors beer east of the Mississippi without a permit.  This was an issue for Big Enos, as he wanted to be able to drink Coors beer at a truck show.  Bandit agrees to pick up some Coors beer in Texas and drive it back to Georgia for the truck show within 28 hours.  Fans may recognize top Texas tourist attractions while the bandit drives through the state with a hitchhiker named Carrie, who joins him in his journey.  This is noticed by Sheriff Justice, who is angry at Carrie for rejecting his son, and embarks on a high-speed chase after Bandit.  The Pontiac Firebirth Trans Am used in the movie is an absolute classic.

Christine (1983)

The movie Christine is based on the popular book by same name, written by Stephen King, the master of horror.  In the story, a nerdy guy named Arnie purchases a 1958 Plymouth Fury and names it Christine.  Arnie ends up becoming obsessed with Christine and this concerns his friend, Dennis.  Eventually, Christine is defaced by a bully named Buddy and Christine restores herself to perfect condition and goes on a killing spree, progressively killing Buddy and his friends.  To stop the killing spree, Dennis and Arnie’s girlfriend, Leigh, decide that Christine must be destroyed!  This movie is an absolute must for all Stephen King/horror fans.

Back to the Future (1985)

In this Sci-fi classic, an experiment by the peculiar and eccentric scientist, Doc Brown, goes wrong and Marty McFly is taken back in time to 1950’s on Doc’s DeLorean time machine.  While back in time, Marty runs into the younger versions of his parents and alters the space/time continuum.  He must make sure that his parents fall in love, while dealing with a bully, or else he will cease to exist.  In addition, he must help the younger Doc Brown get him back to the future.  This is not your typical car movie, but the DeLorean is a time machine, so none of the other cars from the list can really compete.

The Fast and the Furious (2001)

The Fast and the Furious is an adrenaline filled movie following the drama of the illegal underground street racing scene.  Brian is an undercover police officer, investigating a case involving big-rig hijacking and Dominic and his rival, Johnny Tran, are the main suspects.  After portraying himself as a newcomer to the racing scene, Brian shows Dom that he can be trusted and infiltrates their group.  The situation becomes complicated as Brian tries to do his job while building a relationship with Dom and his sister, Mia.  The movie is filled with tons of fast-paced racing action and beautiful tricked out cars and became so popular that it fueled a series of movies that are still being made today.

The Italian Job (2003)

During a successful heist in Venice, one of the thieves, Steve, turns on the rest of the group, kills the ringleader John, and keeps all of the gold for himself.  The remainder of the group, Charlie, Handsome Rob, Left Ear, and Lyle, vow to get revenge on Steven by stealing the gold back and enlist John’s daughter, Stella, to get the job done.  The heist was achieved using three adorable Mini Coopers.  They may be small, but they got the job done!

Cars (2006)

Cars is a Pixar animated film about a racecar named Lightning McQueen who gets lost, after falling out of his trailer, on his way to the Piston Cup.  He finds himself in a rundown small town called Radiator Springs.  During his stay in the small town, he slowly befriends the residents and finds that winning is not the most important thing in the world.  It is a great movie for the whole family.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

This is the hilarious story of a NASCAR star named Ricky Bobby who has hordes of fans, is wealthy, and has a trophy wife at home.  He ends up losing it all and must pull himself out of despair and return to his former glory with the help of his father.  This movie is a favorite of anybody that loves Will Ferrell’s brand of comedy and it is extremely quotable.  “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”