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Mobile Video Conferencing

High definition conferencing is nothing new in the boardrooms of worldwide corporations, but the rapid expansion of cloud-based videoconferencing apps more businesses of a more modest budgetary level are discovering what high definition can do for them. Far from being out of reach, cloud apps have brought high definition to wherever you, or your staff, happen to be at the time. Liberated from large room-based systems, modern videoconferencing can take place between locations and between devices. You can have face time with anyone, anywhere, anytime. And in the end it can save you a lot more than money.

The Hard Costs of ‘Soft Costs’


A recent Gallup poll had a hard wake-up call for human resources and management across all spectrums of business. When seven out of 10 of your best educated senior employees are disengaged from their jobs. Workers who are engaged and involved, enthusiastic about their environment, and contributing to their organizations in a positive manner have reached a massive low. As productivity has grown, so have demands on the senior workers to contribute more and more of their time to the success of the company, often to the detriment of time they would otherwise devote to their family, or even to themselves. The competitive pressure cooker to give more, do more, and make more has in the end not helped but hurt American business.

Going worldwide, the numbers are actually worse, with 87 percent of highly educated workers from 30 to 64 reporting that they are disengaged at work to some degree. This disengagement can result in high turnover, absenteeism, workplace accidents, quality defects, and even in shrinkage. Re-engaging with employees often reevaluating the culture of the workplace itself. Bringing back enthusiasm, creativity, and even passion requires jettisoning the jargon soaked pabulum of the business publishing industry, created less to help manage actual people, and more to sell books and seminars. Changing the culture to promote the kind of engagement you want to see takes effort and creativity, too.

Rethinking Meetings


People really do love meetings. Actually over 90 percent of employees who regularly attend meetings really do value them as a way to contribute to the success of the company and their projects. However, meetings are very costly. A Verizon study placed the average cost of a five person meeting with four attendees required to travel at over $5,000. In addition to being expensive, the study also found that busy professionals are required to attend an average of 60 meetings per month, and most state that they cannot attend all the meetings that are demanding their time and resources. This and the time that they are required to be away from the office, and away from family, also contributes to a great deal of stress for constantly traveling busy professional.

Bringing the meetings home is one way to handle it, videoconferencing is very popular. Bluejeans HD videoconferencing and other apps have bridged the gap that room-based video systems could not. Bluejeans can operate on any equipment, any system, and most operating systems – such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. By bringing the videoconference to your employees, on whatever device they happen to be using at the time, you are making meetings simultaneously more accessible and more inclusive. In addition you are creating the incentive for geographically diverse staff and departments to work together. When a meeting simply takes a few taps and a swipe on someone’s iPad, it becomes as easy or easier than walking down the hall and knocking on someone’s door.

Face Time is Money


Implementing videoconferencing that can be used by everybody, no matter where they are or how they access the Internet, can bring 87 percent of remote users to feel more connected and engaged with their coworkers and their projects. A Gigaom study points out that videoconferencing is an awesome way to increase enthusiasm and productivity. As much as people value meetings, there’s nothing to say that everyone has to be in the same room. Contractors, home workers, office workers, staff at remote worksites, and management can all agree that good meeting really brings life to an otherwise moribund project and passion to the fore.

Making the most of your employees’ creativity and drive doesn’t mean micromanaging or making ridiculous demands of their time and resources. Working to find new tools to help them reengage will mean a lot to your bottom line, as well is to your reputation as an employer that someone would really love to work for. Increasing employee engagement and satisfaction doesn’t mean pampering or pandering, it means giving people the best available tools you can to do what you hired them to do. Videoconferencing can bring your people closer together, and give them a new and deeper interest in their workplace, coworkers, and work.


There’s often some misunderstanding around the subject of online conferences. It could just be that many people still think the concept is too good to be true. That wouldn’t be surprising since those who’ve been in the workforce for some time are accustomed to stuffy company meetings where the room is filled to capacity and no one has the elbow room to write a sentence clearly. Or, it’s possible that some workers are still used to the awkward face-to-face discussions with their bosses where it feels like a beam is lighting on their every move.

Fortunately, online meetings aren’t just in your fantasies. These collaboration tools are the real thing and can help you diversify your options in the business sector. They help boost productivity and entertain the idea of all-inclusive interactions without having to be physically present.

Host or Attend Online Meetings Anywhere, Anytime

Host or Attend Online Meetings Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re a professional in the corporate realm, a distance learning instructor, or just someone who enjoys conversing with others via informal Internet-based chat, you’ll find online meeting to be extremely rewarding in several ways. There’s no doubt that these innovative tools are the new way of life, as they currently dominate several industries in the business world because of the easy usage, cost effectiveness, and timeliness.

Still, it’s important to remember that many people enjoy participating in virtual group interactions that have been effectively put together and led by others but haven’t yet dared to venture out on their own by setting it up themselves. If you’re one of these people, it’s time’s to start exploring the benefits of utilizing Blue Jeans Mobile Video Conferencing for business reasons or at your own leisure. Don’t let the multiple platform features and accessories of these complex systems scare you. Curating your own session can become a simple task that you’ll eventually learn how to manage from any location once you’ve gotten accustomed to the navigation techniques. As long as you have some technical skills and know how to follow directions thoroughly, chances are that you’ll make out pretty well with this application.

Take a chance and elevate your Internet skillset by trying your hand at initiating an online meeting from any area. Launching your own virtual interaction could eventually take your business or work ethic to new heights. If things continue to move along at a successful pace, your colleagues could be inspired to follow suit soon.

Key Facts to Remember

  • Time isn’t a Factor

Forget having to rush in order to meet the demands of someone else’s schedule. Online meetings are no respecter of time zones. This means that if the best time everyone in your group can chat happens to be after business hours, you don’t have to worry about being kicked out of an office by a security guard who needs to lock the doors for the night.

Similarly, if you need to meet without much notice beforehand, Blue Jeans Mobile Video Conferencing has you and your colleagues covered. Some discussions are emergencies that can’t wait until the start of the next business day. When matters must be resolved immediately, you can rest assured that online meetings can get the job done promptly and efficiently. All it takes is a little time to set everything up, invite your participants, and navigate accordingly.

  • Cross-Regional Fun

Online meetings are great for meeting with colleagues that live on the other side of the world. Instead of making travel arrangements, booking hotels, and renting vehicles, you can by-pass all of the steps that make meeting your teammate in other locations stressful with the simple and comfortable click of a button that tunes everyone in to same platform.

  • Your Hiring Process isn’t Limited

When business leaders normally look for new talent, they tend to stay within the parameters of their organization. Regardless of someone’s level of expertise or their overall competency, people find it difficult, if nearly impossible, to recruit potential new hires that are out-of-state or those that live a fair distance away. They have to take into account commuter expenses and travel time which can all prove to be a pain to even the most enthusiastic traveler.

With Blue Jeans Mobile Video Conferencing, you don’t have to worry about turning down someone who’s obviously a great fit for a position just because they don’t live within proximity of the site. In fact, online meetings enable you to hire talent that resides anywhere in the world because you can easily get in touch with them by inviting them to tune into a conversation over the computer or a mobile device.

  • More Interesting

You’ll also find that online meetings help you make genuine connections with a wider range of people because they’re not as apt to zoning out from boredom as they would be in a traditional meeting within the confines of four walls. As long as you have engaging material, you have higher chances of reaching and keeping the attention of your listeners.