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First Lady Michelle Obama jokingly says a mid-life crisis is what inspired her new haircut with bangs.

Michelle Obama revealed the new hairstyle last month on her 49th birthday, which came a few days before the festivities for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

She was asked about the new haircut during an interview with talk-show host Rachael Ray.

“This is my mid-life crisis,” Michelle Obama said.

She added that she cut her bangs because she can’t get a sports car and won’t be allowed to bungee jump.

Reasons aside, the new hairstyle has widely praised by the style set, with many commenting that it makes her look younger.

Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, told the Associated Press: “It’s definitely a more youthful style than what she had before. It just has a flirty, young quality to it.”

And New York hairstylist Robert Stuart added: “It’s much softer and younger, and it makes her look more approachable. It also works well for her sense of fashion. And it brings out her eyes.”

Michelle Obama jokingly says a mid-life crisis is what inspired her new haircut with bangs

Michelle Obama jokingly says a mid-life crisis is what inspired her new haircut with bangs

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld failed to echo their sentiments though, likening Michelle Obama’s new look to that of a news anchor – apparently a bad thing in his book.

In an interview that aired on French television network Canal Plus, he said: “I do not understand the change in hairstyle.”

Though Karl Lagerfeld said – twice – that he loves “Madame Obama”, he went on to add that a “speakerine do LCI” typically has this hairstyle, referring to a popular television news network.

“The fringe was not a good idea,” Karl Lagerfeld concluded.

President Barack Obama himself made several references to his wife’s new bangs during the inaugural festivities – all of them positive.

Heralding the cut as “the most significant event of this weekend”, Barack Obama said: “I love my wife’s new bangs – she always looks good!”


Tapping into the zeitgeist as usual, cult cartoon Family Guy decided to take a swipe at pop sensation of the moment, Justin Bieber.

As Justin Bieber took to the stage in Toronto on Sunday night, to a chorus of boos, fans tuned in to see him being pummeled by character Peter Griffin on the hit Fox show.

In the episode, which also saw Johnny Depp make a cameo, reprising his role as Edward Scissorhands, Justin Bieber had to take a brutal beating from the father-of-three.

Entitled Lois Comes Out of Her Shell, the episode sees the sitcom’s matriarch start acting half her age, worrying the rest of the family.

She suffers a mid-life crisis during the episode and consequently dresses as a teenager to go and watch Justin Bieber perform live on stage.

After managing to sneak backstage and into his dressing room, Lois is confronted by an angry Peter Griffin , who accuses her of having an affair with the singer.

Justin Bieber pummeled by Peter Griffin in a new episode of Family Guy

Justin Bieber pummeled by Peter Griffin in a new episode of Family Guy

Dealing with the situation in the only way he knows how, Peter Griffin starts punching Justin Bieber until he lays bruised and beaten on the floor.

Later, in one of the cartoon’s trademark cutaway gags, Johnny pops up as a wet nurse, to take care of a naive couple’s young child.

“Okay, I’m an excellent wet nurse, so you two get some much deserved sleep. Don’t worry about a thing. I’m going to take such loving care of this child. And when you two wake up your precious little baby will be smiling as bright as the sun,” he said.

While he was getting the beating of his life on screen, the real Justin Bieber wasn’t having a much better time during his performance at the half-time show at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

According to reports, Justin Bieber faced a barrage of boos during his set, despite growing up just a few kilometers down the road from the stadium.


A new study has found that the happiest time of a man’s life is around age 37 – when they have climbed the career ladder and started a family.

It is an age by which most men are settled in a happy relationship and have formed a close circle of friends with which to socialize.

The dreaded “mid-life crisis” is still a decade away and their troubled angst-ridden teens are a fading memory.

Becoming a father is a particularly rewarding experience with a beaming 43% of men say becoming a parent was one of the happiest days of their life.

The study, conducted by menswear brand Jacamo found that this was followed by getting married, with 35% rating it as one of their top three happiest moments in life, and seeing their favorite football team win the league (18%).

Other memorable happy moments include buying a house or car, proposing to a partner, and graduating from university.

Experts say these are all milestones many men are likely to have passed by the age of 37 and could explain why it is the “age of happiness”.

Phillip Hodson, fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, said men of 37 typically benefit from health and life experience.

He said: “It would be logical to think that men would be happier when they are younger, when they are fitter and healthier.

“As men get older they become more prone to illness and more feeble.

“At 37, you are young enough not to be disillusioned by life, which comes with the midlife crisis.

“But you are also old enough to have developed self-confidence, earned some respect and authority and to have a sense of achievement.”

Day to day, eating a favorite lunch is the one activity most likely to put a smile on a man’s face, the poll of 1,000 men revealed.

Splashing out on DVDs, clothes and gadget makes a gloomy day shine for 28% of men, and hanging out with friends is a boost for 27%.

A quarter, 26%, enjoy an innocent flirt, 22% a cup of tea or coffee and 20% a surprise dinner cooked by the woman in their life.

Others are happy when they find time to read the news, achieve a new top score on a computer game or simply receive a text message.

Romantic men are happiest when spending time with their partner, followed by their mates and children.

However, just 5% are happy when in the presence of workmates.

Lucy Dobson, from Jacamo, said: “It’s great to see that becoming a father and getting married is the key to men’s lasting happiness.

“And when it comes to day-to-day activities which bring happiness, nothing beats a decent lunch followed by a splurge on some new clothes.”


A new study has found that the happiest time of a man’s life is around age 37

A new study has found that the happiest time of a man’s life is around age 37

Top moments in man’s life (men could chose three)

1. Becoming a parent (43%)

2. Getting married (35%)

3. Seeing his favorite sports team winning the league (18%)

4. Buying a new house (17%)

5. Seeing a country sports team win a significant title (14%)

6. Proposing to a partner (13%)

7. Graduating/finishing full time education (9%)

8. Buying a new car (7%)


Day-to-day things that put a smile on a man’s face

1. Eating a favorite lunch (29%)

2. Self gifting DVDs, clothes and technology (28%)

3. Hanging out with friends (27%)

4. An innocent flirt (26%)

5. A decent tea/coffee (22%)

6. A surprise dinner from a woman in his life (20%)

7. Having time to read the news (11%)

8. Getting a new top score on a computer game/app (8%)

9. Receiving a text (5%)

10. Catching up with friends via social media (3%)