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Some folks think being a man is easier than being a woman, especially when it come to fashion. But they don’t really realize all the effort it take to look groomed from head to toe. There are many aspects of your look to get on point if you want to look your best. Read on to find out, just what they are.


Your hair is like a hat that you never take off, so it is definitely worth investing in it! That means regular trips to the barbers to keep in its style. As well as using products to condition and style it. The power of products should not be underestimated! Remember manageable hair, is hair that does what you want, and looks great.  




Of course, there is no point spending hours on your hair if you are going to ignore you face. Most fellas draw the line at wearing makeup, but even without piling on the slap there’s plenty you can do look your best.

Firstly stay as hydrated as possible. So drink a lot of water, and ditch the cigarettes too. As these will prematurely age the delicate skin on your face around your eyes and mouth.

It’s also a good idea to exfoliate regularly, as this will reveal the fresher, newer skin underneath. You should also moisturize to protect your skin for as long as possible. You don’t want end up looking like this trucker now do you?


Along with your face and hair, you should also consider the fragrance that you wear. The most important thing about getting the right sentence is picking one that is age appropriate. If you are 20, don’t wear your grandfather’s aftershave! If you’re 50, spray deodorant in a can is not a valid replacement for a decent scent!

Some folks worry about the cost of a decent aftershave, though. But to get around this problem, look for vouchers on sites like http://www.plusvouchercode.co.uk/offers-discount-code-amazon.html. Then you can wear  classic fragrances without the classic price tag.


Before you get onto the outfit, you will be wearing it is important to have the right undergarments as well. Men’s underwear is pretty varied these days, so you want to get something that is comfortable for all day wear, but that is also stylish. Think socks in this season’s shade and boxers, not Y- fronts.


Once you have the basic undergarments sorted then you can start to build the outfit you will wear to finish your look. Start with a shirt. Most men tall or short, skinny or big look great in a nice, smart shirt.

Picture here

Just make sure it fits around the neck and chest and whatever you do tuck it in, please!


Tailor your choice of trouser to the occasion. Work trousers usually need to be smart black, or gray. But for informal situations, you can wear chinos or jeans if you choose.


Accessories for men are always a great way to enhance your outfit, no matter the formality of the occasion.

If you’re getting ready for work, or for an event like a wedding, then consider choosing an accessory like a lapel pin or a pocket square. They add a little something to extra to a sometimes unexciting shirt and tie combination.

If you’re just heading out with friends then a casual accessory like a bracelet, necklace or a ring works really nicely and is easy to style. Earrings for men are also a great choice if you have your ears pierced.


Last, but not least make sure that you have a good pair of shoes on. Stylish footwear is essential. Remember women always look at the date shoes! So be prepared.