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Ramie Marie Grimmer from Texas, the daughter of a woman who killed herself after being refused food stamps wrote “may die 2day” on her Facebook page during the seven-hour stand-off her mother had dragged her into with police.

Ramie Marie Grimmer, 12, and her ten-year-old brother were shot and critically wounded by their mother Rachelle Grimmer.

Rachelle Grimmer, 38, entered the Texas Health and Human Services Commission office in Laredo on Monday afternoon and demanded to speak to a supervisor after trying “for months” to gain benefits for her family.

She then pulled out a handgun and started walking through the office, threatening several employees, authorities said.

Rachelle Grimmer took a supervisor hostage in a room while a SWAT team managed to evacuate three dozen people.

Ramie Marie Grimmer wrote “may die 2day” on her Facebook page during the seven-hour stand-off her mother had dragged her into with police

Ramie Marie Grimmer wrote “may die 2day” on her Facebook page during the seven-hour stand-off her mother had dragged her into with police

After a seven-hour stand off, Rachelle Grimmer allowed the male supervisor to go free, but she remained in the office with her two children.

The apparent Facebook profile of Ramie Marie Grimmer is updated regularly on Monday.

At 7:50 p.m., the girl wrote: “May die 2day” on her wall.

Ramie Marie Grimmer then accepted a friend request before writing “I’m bored” at 10:34pm and tagged her location as Laredo, Texas.

The girl then “liked” the band Evanescence and wrote “ahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhh” at 10:52 p.m.

At 11:28 p.m., she wrote “tear gas seriasly”. [sic]

Joe Baeza of the Laredo Police Department reported on Tuesday: “About 11:45 last night, she hung up the phone with negotiators, and a little bit later, negotiators heard three shots.

“What had happened was that she had shot each of her children once and herself once.

“She had issues and felt that she had been let down by social services in general.”

Joe Baeza added: “She was making all sorts of outlandish claims.”

The children were airlifted to a hospital in San Antonio in extremely critical condition. The mother was dead at the scene.

There has been no updates on the children’s medical condition so far but Ramie Marie Grimmer had accessed her Facebook page 13 hours ago to take a quiz.

Joe Baeza said Rachelle Grimmer, who was from Ohio, arrived in Laredo about eight months ago and had lived with her children in several locations around the border city.

Stephanie Goodman, a spokeswoman for the Health and Human Services Commission, confirmed that Rachelle Grimmer applied for food stamps in July and was denied.

She said Rachelle Grimmer’s application was incomplete and that she was not sure whether the woman qualified for assistance.

“We’re still trying to track down exactly what happened with the case,” Stephanie Goodman told Reuters.

“As you can probably imagine, I think she had a lot of other issues she was dealing with as well.”

Joe Baeza credited the supervisor with remaining calm and allowing officers to evacuate the other employees and members of the public who were in the building.

He had been with the state agency for 24 years and had been a supervisor since 2000, Stephanie Goodman said. She said the commission will provide counselling for its workers.

“They go into this profession because they really want to help people, so when something like this happens, it’s doubly traumatic for them,” Stephanie Goodman said.

Stephanie Goodman also said the commission will look at what it needs to do to ensure its offices are safe for staff and the public. She said there was an unarmed security guard on duty on Monday at the Laredo office, where Texans can go to apply for food stamps and other programs.

“This is the kind of thing you hear of happening in other places, but not in our quiet home town,” Joe Baeza said.


Mario Hernandez, mayor of San Fernando, California, turned his private life into public business late last month when he stunned residents at a city council meeting by announcing he was having an affair with a city councilwoman.

Mario Hernandez then horrified his constituents in the small town when he ordered police to escort away his wife, who was sitting in the front row, as she stood up to confront her adulterous husband.

San Fernando residents are now demanding the mayor and his lover, Maribel De La Torre, to resign.

Mario Hernandez, San Fernando, Maribel De La Torre

Mario Hernandez, San Fernando, Maribel De La Torre

San Fernando, a city of just 25,000, has already been plagued by sex scandals among its leaders.

The police chief is being sued by a cadet who claims they had sex in a squad car, a police dispatcher was caught exposing himself in public and another councilwoman carried on an affair with a police sergeant while the city sparred with the police union, the San Fernando Valley Sun reported.

At the end of a November 21 city council meeting, Mayor Mario Hernandez announced that his business had gone under and he had declared bankruptcy.

And then he added: “I’d like to put out there, to squash the rumors, that yes, I have been in a relationship with Councilwoman De La Torre.”

Mayor Mario Hernandez claimed he was separated from his wife.

That’s when Anna Hernandez stood up from the front row: “I’m his wife… we weren’t separated.”

As the woman tried to publicly confront her adulterous husband, Mario Hernandez ordered the city’s acting police chief to step in.

The mayor told the officer that if Anna Hernandez tried to speak again, she must be escorted out, the Sun reported.

The pronouncement drew gasps from the crowd and scorn from fellow council members.

“Ghetto,” responded Councilwoman Sylvia Ballin.

“You’re a joke. Everyone knows you’re a joke, so just be a joke,” taunted Sev Aszkenazy, the publisher of the Sun and the mayor’s brother-in-law.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Mario Hernandez and Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre quickly retreated from the council chambers.

At a follow-up meeting this week, 150 residents turned up to lambaste their soap opera mayor and call for his resignation.

Maribel De La Torre, who has two children in college, was conspicuously absent from the gathering.

Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre

Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre

“I’m sorry I voted for you,” Dee Akemon told the mayor.

“You ain’t got no shame at all,” 77-year-old Samuel Beltran said.

Residents said the city has real problems to worry about without being sidetracked by a philandering mayor – a massive budget deficit, a proposal to spend large amounts of city money on a private firefighting force and contract negotiations with the police union.

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