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The global top air compressor market is anticipated to hit $37 Million marks by 2022. This is according to a report by the grand view Research Inc, a reputable market research company. The advancement of the compressor technology has been promoted by increased awareness on energy expenditure savings and expansion of industrialization.

For the next five years, the availability of energy efficient air compressors, which help to facilitate gas transfer processes for various industrial and non-industrial activities is anticipated to push demand for air compressors further forward. This technological advancement works towards reducing noise and air contamination levels in the particular industries where the compressors are used.

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Components Of The Global Air Compressor Market

The global air compressor market is mostly made up of movable and stationary products. The convenience that’s associated with the ease of handling portable air compressors has taken its adoption in low duty application to a whole new level. Because they have highly durable parts, the compressors require minimal maintenance. As it was in the last few years, the stationary part of the compressors will account for more than 55% of the top air compressor markets across the globe in the next five (5) years.

Moreover, there has been an unprecedented growth in the global food and beverage industry in recent years, and this has played a huge role growing the sales of the air compressors worldwide. For instance, there is the need for quality compressed air processes such as dehydration and packaging.

This rising demand for diesel, gasoline and other fuels has helped to push the establishment of petrochemical plants in many parts of the world. It’s estimated that the Asia Pacific region and Brazil are among the areas of the globe that will contribute a bigger percentage of the growth in air compressor market.

Compressor dealers are putting more emphasis on top air compressors that guarantee superior levels of energy efficiency, while also aiming to sustain their profits by providing high-capacity options to various industries as oil and gas, food and beverage, energy and health care among others.

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Moreover, replacement demand is a major component of the global compressor market. With more compressors in the market, there will be a huge demand for replacement parts. This growing demand is expected to be a key driver in the compressor industry since old equipment undergoes retrofits, parts replacements, and substitution with new technology or complete overhauls.

Fast-growing demand for gas and oil based projects, which include infrastructure desalination, petrochemicals and power are expected to be one of the key factors that will drive the air compressor market to a higher level.

It’s anticipated that home appliance market in emerging regions in the globe is expected to drive the growth of the air compressor industry over the next three or four years. Moreover, it’s envisioned that regulatory government agencies will tighten regulations regarding carbon emissions, and this will increase the demand for clean air compressors.

What air compressor buyers want

Top air compressor buyers will be on the lookout for compressors that offer high capacity air compression, cost savings, and efficiency. They want options that are less costly to maintain. No matter




The global market that deals with automobile accessories is vast in size. It is spread across continents, starting from North America, the topmost name in the map of car manufacturers, crossing Europe and extending up to China in Asia. The manufacturers of car accessories have quite wisely been able to put the global economic surge into use.

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Automobile sales have boosted globally, that is a true story. However, the sales of car accessories have increased massively. That is the common trend throughout the world. A number of factors have contributed to this striking difference. One major factor that has contributed largely behind the boost of automobile sector in the emerging as well as the developed markets is the enthusiasm of the manufacturers of car accessories and spares. New and latest trends are being introduced at a fast rate. The cost of the vehicles is a factor that closely follows the first one. Other than investing upon new cars, which will be a costly affair, men prefer to renovate their cars using new car spares and accessories.

In nations where there is an affluent market for automobiles, people are keener on investing upon accessories and automotives. A research had once shown that the yearly expenditure made by the Australians upon car accessories is over $ 2 billion. The automotive aftermarket in Europe values up to 850 USD, which represents about 30% of the worldwide aftermarket. Moreover, as far as the recent forecasts go, the car accessories manufacturers market is going to expand its horizons as time goes by.

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The carmaker giants like Ford Motor, DaimlerChrysler or General Motors, which are obviously the top three scorers, have always been striving hard to outdo each other in terms of services as well as profits, since time immemorial. The greater the competition in the market becomes, the harder do they try to outwit each other. These companies have recently been seen change direction towards the B2B market.

These firms, with all their e-business operations, which include business-to-consumer sales and marketing, business-to-business procurement, online navigational and car alarm technologies etc., are gradually and quite quickly shifting from traditional suppliers to the online arena. Just like all other offline car producers, DaimlerChrysler, has turn towards the internet in order to streamline procurement as well as sales procedures with the aim of bringing down the costs.

At the same time, the China car accessories market has multiplied six times, in the last half a decade. Quite recently the market had topped the 1 billion dollar mark and is becoming one of the most rapidly growing categories of Chinese industrial products sold internationally. While half of these auto accessories are exported to the United States, the maximum portion of the rest is sold to Europe and Japan. Thus most of the citizens of these nations buy direct automotives and car accessories.