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See how much will cost the UK riots.


Mark Duggan’s forensic report. He died by a single gunshot wounding his chest.


London riots latest updates. Metropolitan Police took drastic actions.


[googlead tip=”patrat_mic” aliniat=”dreapta”]Tuesday, the fourth night of riots in UK. One Nottingham police station was set ablaze by a group of up to 40 people, according to the police, meanwhile there was looting in Manchester  and other disturbances in Salford.


16,000 police officers have been placed on London's streets in order to prevent a fourth night of disturbances

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16,000 police officers have been placed on London’s streets in order to prevent a fourth night of disturbances

10:00 p.m., local time. Canning Circus police station in Nottingham was attacked by a group of 40, no injuries were reported and a number of men were detained nearby, said Nottinghamshire police.

Birmingham and other parts of the West Midlands met some trouble, but was relative calm in London as Scotland Yard attempted to put the city in a lockdown with 16,000 police on the streets instead of 6,000 on Monday.

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Scotland Yard gave specific orders to the officers to use each available force including the possible deployment of plastic bullets to tackle widespread rioting and looting as London was flooded with the biggest police presence in British history.


Manchester, looting was taking place across city centre. There were also disturbances in Salford and tense scenes around Shopping City, where a large group of youths had gathered.

Rioters set ablaze a Miss Selfridge shop on Market Street in Manchester city centre. About 100 young people looted Foot Asylum in the Arndale Centre after two of them smashed the windows with stones and jumped into the store carrying out clothing and shoes.

On King Street, a recently opened fashion boutique, owned by former Oasis singer, Liam Gallagher, was been hit by looters too.

A Bang & Olufsen store and a Diesel clothing shop were also broken into, with a chorus of cheers going up among the crowd as the front window of the latter was smashed.

Few looters shouted out for the others to follow, suggesting a degree of co-ordination. They immediately spread away in many directions as police sirens sounded.

An amusement arcade had been looted in Piccadilly Gardens. In Piccadilly Museums, machines were overturned with coins spread across the carpet.

A cafe on Deansgate also had its windows smashed.

Large crowds gathered along the street, while looters helped themselves to bottles of alcohol from a Sainsbury’s Local at the corner of Bridge Street.

The thieving continued for several minutes in front of onlookers.

All the looters had grabbed what they wanted and disappeared into side streets before three police vans arrived.

A jewellers was also reportedly attacked before plain-clothed police nearby ran in to arrest two looters from the shop.

Riot police in vans chased large groups of youths wearing ski masks and hoods as they rampaged through the city streets.

Other gangs prowled the streets on mountain bikes, their faces also masked.

On occasions they could be seen talking to drivers of cars on mobile phones, exchanging information, while they drove around the streets in what appeared to be co-ordinated manoeuvres.

Terry Sweeney, assistant Chief Constable  of Greater Manchester Police said:


“The force has been engaged with dealing with outbreaks of minor disorder in Salford and Manchester city centre this afternoon, involving a small number of youths. A handful of shops have been attacked by groups of youths who have congregated and seem intent on committing disorder. As we have said, we will not allow such mindless criminal damage and wanton violence to go unpunished and we will arrest and prosecute anyone found to be involved in looting or acts of criminal damage.”


Earlier two cars were set on fire in West Bromwich where shops closed early in the afternoon after rumours of trouble circulated online.


[googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”stanga”]Police made a total of 36 arrests in the West Midlands on Tuesday night, as fresh disturbances saw looting and vehicles set alight Birmingham, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.


But West Midlands Police said the disorder was not as severe as Monday’s looting in Birmingham city centre, which led to 142 arrests and saw 13 people taken to hospital.

Shops, including a branch of Marks & Spencer and a hi-fi store, were again targeted in Birmingham tonight, although two groups of youths were largely kept away from the city centre by riot police.


In central Birmingham a fluid mob of up to 300 youths gathered, dispersed and regrouped, attacking shops.


Chased by police, groups tried to get into the Mailbox shopping, office and restaurant centre near the city’s rejuvenated canal basin, and the Pallisades shopping complex above New Street station before staff brought shutters down.

Marks and Spencer’s had windows damaged and a car was set on fire in Albert Street by a large gang retreating from the Dale End part of the centre. House of Fraser was attacked along with a nearby jewellery shop before a line of riot police with batons drove the crowd away.

West Midlands police urged to families with teenagers out to get in touch with them and persuade them to go back home.

3 men had been arrested by 8:00 p.m.

Police pinned 60 rioters in part of Wolverhampton after 5 hours of sporadic violence which left the town centre empty of residents and visitors, with shops shuttered and pubs shutting early. As in Birmingham, a core of several hundred troublemakers continually gathered, dispersed and then picked new targets.

The atmosphere also remained very tense in Handsworth with groups of Afro-Caribbean youths gathering, while Asian shop-owners and security staff stood outside their heavily-shuttered stores.


Mark Duggan’s funeral, one month after London riots.


See how much will cost the UK riots.


England riots, the fourth night. Nottingham police station firebombed, Manchester and Salford disturbances.


Mark Duggan’s death forensic report.


The man who was shot by police, sparking the wave of rioting that has hit London, died of a single gunshot wounding his chest. An inquest has heard.

Mark Duggan was deadly shot by armed officers in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, north London, on Thursday, August, 4, after they stopped the minicab he was in to carry out an arrest as part of a pre-planned operation.

Mark Duggan, the man who was shot by police, sparking the wave of rioting that has hit London, died of a single gunshot wounding his chest

Mark Duggan, the man who was shot by police, sparking the wave of rioting that has hit London, died of a single gunshot wounding his chest


[googlead tip=”lista_mica” aliniat=”stanga”]An inquest, which began on Tuesday morning at North London coroner’s court, in High Barnet, heard that Mark Duggan died of a single gunshot wounding his chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene onThursday at 6:41p.m.

Last Thursday evening, officers from the Metropolitan Police (Met) Operation Trident and Special Crime Directorate 11, accompanied by officers from CO19, the Met’s specialist firearms command, stopped the silver Toyota Estima minicab in Ferry Lane, close to Tottenham Hale tube station, to arrest Mark Duggan.

According to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police sparked London’s riots, did not fire a shot at police officers before they killed him.

Releasing the initial findings of ballistics tests, the police watchdog said a CO19 firearms officer fired two bullets, and that a bullet that lodged in a police radio was “consistent with being fired from a police gun”.


The IPCC said Duggan was carrying a loaded gun, but it had no evidence that the weapon had been fired. It said tests were continuing.


[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”]The officer who fired the fatal shots has been removed from firearms duties, which is standard procedure, pending the IPCC investigation. One theory, not confirmed by the IPCC, is that the bullet became lodged in the radio from a ricochet or after passing through Duggan.

The IPCC’s statement said the bullet lodged in the police radio was a “jacketed round“. This is a police-issue bullet and is “consistent with having been fired from a [police] Heckler and Koch MP5“, it said.

The statement said:

“Our investigators will be examining recordings of radio transmissions from both police and London ambulance service, including 999 calls, with a view to tracing further witnesses. We will also be examining any intelligence and surveillance material leading up to the planning of the operation.”


The non-police firearm found at the scene was a converted BBM Bruni self-loading pistol. The gun was found to have a “bulleted cartridge” in the magazine, which is being subjected to further forensic tests.

[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”]The police officer whose radio was hit was taken to Homerton hospital where he was examined and discharged later that night.

The minicab driver was not injured but was badly shaken by what he saw, the IPCC said. His account, as well as those of the officers, is being examined along with the forensic evidence.

The police watchdog said it was examining CCTV footage of the area, including from buses passing by at the time.

Colin Sparrow, the deputy senior investigator for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), told the brief hearing that the organization’s “complex investigation” could take 4 to 6 months.

Andrew Walker, the coroner for the northern district of Greater London, adjourned the hearing until December, 12, when a pre-inquest review will be held.

Semone Wilson, Mark Duggan's fiancee, at North London coroner's court, in High Barnet, Tuesday morning

Semone Wilson, Mark Duggan's fiancee, at North London coroner's court, in High Barnet, Tuesday morning

Walker told members of Duggan’s family, including his fiancee, Semone Wilson:


“Can I just offer my deepest sympathies to the family of Mark Duggan.”


“As members of the family will know, in due course there will be an inquest touching the death of Mark Duggan and this is the first stage in that process.”


“Of course, as well as offering our deepest sympathies to members of the family, I would like to reassure members of the family that we will be working closely with the IPCC throughout the process.”


According to Rachel Cerfontyne, the IPCC commissioner:

“Any concerns expressed by the wider public about a perceived lack of information from the IPCC should be considered in the context that I am only willing to share information once I have had it independently verified and once the people who are directly involved in this case – including Mr Duggan’s family and community leaders – have been fully informed.”


After the hearing, the family said they were “distressed” by the rioting in the wake of his death. In a statement on their behalf, Helen Shaw, from the organization Inquest, said:

“The family wants everyone to know that the disorder going on has nothing to do with finding out what has happened to Mark. They also want people to know they are deeply distressed by the disorder affecting communities across the country.”


See how much will cost the England riots.

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Mark Duggan died by a single gunshot wounding his chest.

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England latest news. London riots spread accross England: Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham!

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New London riots. The third night of street violence!


Mark Duggan was shot in Northern London.


Northern London riots for Mark Duggan’s death.


According to the police reports, the weapon being carried by Mark Duggan on Thursday was a converted handgun capable of firing real ammunition.

Two police cars and a double decker bus were torched and several local stores were looted by violent rioters last weekend in northern London, Tottenham.

Riots began Saturday evening after more than 120 people marched from Broadwater Farm to Tottenham police station to demand “justice” over the Thursday deadly shooting of a young black man, Mark Duggan, by the police.

Forensic tests on Mark Duggan’s death are being carried out on the handgun found at the scene of Duggan’s fatal shooting and bullets fired by the police.

Mark Duggan was shot by the police Thursday August 4

Mark Duggan was shot by the police on Thursday August, 4

Ballistics experts have established that the firearm being carried in the minicab was a lethal weapon. It used to be a handgun which previously had not been capable of firing – a replica, a starting pistol or a collector’s weapon. But the gun had been converted, as many illegal firearms purchased on the street are – in order to carry real ammunition.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said they hope to have a more complete ballistics picture within 24 hours, which seems to be a complex picture, involving a number of tests to establish trajectory of bullets and how many were fired.

According to Sky the C019, firearms officer said that he never claimed Duggan had shot at him.

The officer involved in Thursday evening attempted arrest told investigators that he opened fire because he believed he was in danger from a lethal weapon. Two shots were fired; one hit Duggan and one missed lodging in another officer’s radio.

Forensic tests will establish eventually if Mark Duggan fired his weapon at all during the attempted arrest.

Rachel Cerfontyne, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) commissioner in charge of the independent investigation into Mark Duggan’s fatal shooting said:

“IPCC investigators are currently liaising with scientists at the Forensic Science Service regarding analysis on ballistics. We would anticipate being in a position to share verified results within the next 24 hours.”

According to The Guardian Monday report, initial ballistics tests on a bullet found lodged in a firearms officer’s police radio was a police issue bullet – indicating that Duggan had not opened fire at the officer.

Concluding precisely what really happened when Trident officers, supported by members of the Metropolitan Police stopped the minicab carrying Mark Duggan on Thursday evening relies heavily on the ballistics results and the trajectory on the bullets fired.

Ballistic tests are also carried out to establish the range at which the shots were fired at Duggan. The Metropolitan Police joined the IPCC to say that any suggestion he was killed in an execution style shooting by shots to the head was “inflammatory” and inaccurate.

The IPCC said yesterday that Mark Duggan’s family is being kept up to date with developments.

Rachel Cerfontyne said the family’s concerns were not about contact with the IPCC but the lack of contact from the police in delivering news of his death to Mark Duggan’s parents.

“In the course of our contact (with the family) I know that the family – and indeed the community still have many unanswered questions,”

Rachel Cerfontyne said.