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When we visit healthcare professionals, we reassure ourselves they know what’s best. We, quite literally, put our lives in their hands. And, in most cases, they keep us safe. But, it’s impossible to ignore that medical errors are now thought to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S. In fact, it’s believed that such errors lead to an average of 251,000 lives every year. That’s more than issues like strokes and Alzheimer’s. No wonder many of us experience doubts when seeking medical care.

As a result, more Americans are finding themselves with no choice but to turn to medical malpractice attorneys to get them back on their feet. Individuals who enter hospitals for small procedures find themselves worse off on release. This can lead to lost work, finances, and, in extreme cases, life.

As such, it’s easy to see why many of us wish to seek a second opinion when we receive a diagnosis. In truth, this is rarely necessary, and we often attempt to avoid reality this way. A severe diagnosis is never easy to hear. But, there are cases in which a second opinion could be precisely what you need. Here are a few signs that’s true for you.

You don’t feel your doctor listened to you

It’s fair to say that our healthcare professionals are busier now than ever. As such, appointment times are tight. Doctor’s often spend more time taking notes than actually interacting with patients. That’s nobody’s fault, but it can lead to problems such as misdiagnosis, or unnoted symptoms. And, that can be serious if left unchecked.

If you can’t shake the feeling that your doctor wasn’t listening to what you told them, it may be best to seek another opinion. The chances are that this second doctor will say the same as the first, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, this second opinion can put your mind at ease. After all, even one missed symptom could lead to a false diagnosis. When seeking your second doctor, opt for surgeries which seem quieter. Here, a doctor will be in a position to give you a touch more attention during your appointment.


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No tests were offered

In some cases, a doctor will make an on-the-spot diagnosis, and suggest treatment. In many ways, this skill is essential in the medical profession. And, some issues don’t need tests to be clear. In some cases, though, doctors get things wrong. They’re only human, and they don’t know your body the way you do. If you feel confident something more sinister is going on, you might want to push for tests to be on the safe side. But, if a doctor is sure of their diagnosis, they could resist putting you forward. After all, tests cost money. If a doctor deems them unnecessary, it’s unlikely you’ll gain the closure you need.

That is, of course, unless you go and see someone else. Again, you may gain the same diagnosis. That in itself could put your mind at ease. Or, it may be the case that another doctor is more open to pursuing testing. In some cases, this is the only way to spot symptomless problems and could be the difference between life and death. So, if you can’t get rid of the niggling feeling things aren’t right, make sure you book an appointment elsewhere.

You don’t understand what you’ve been told

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In some cases, issues like these come down to nothing more than crossed wires. Doctors have a habit of speaking in technical terms that aren’t easy to understand. Many of us get into the habit of nodding along, then Googling what we can remember once we get home. But, that can lead to real issues if you go down a path your doctor didn’t mean you to. On top of which, you might misunderstand what your doctor wants from you going forward. Again, a break down here can lead to real issues.

But, it’s fair to say that some doctors are much better at getting their point across than others. If you don’t understand what one doctor has told you, don’t be afraid to head to another who may be able to explain it better. Many of us are too embarrassed to take this step, but don’t be. This is your body, and it’s crucial you know what’s happening to ensure recovery. And, if you don’t understand something the second time around, it’s likely you’ll feel more justified in asking for an explanation. By this point, after all, you’ll have a better idea of what questions to ask.

You aren’t happy with your treatment plan

In some cases, you may just not be happy with the treatment plan offered to you. Every doctor has a different way of operating. Some are hesitant to reach for heavy drugs, while others don’t think twice. If you don’t want to head straight for a chemical solution with side effects, a second opinion could help. You’ll be able to explain to them what you didn’t like about your previous doctor and work together to find something better. It may even be the case that you want to try some alternative medical solutions instead. Some doctors will shut down at the mention. Others are willing to assist you on a more natural journey in the right way.

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Whatever you don’t like about your current plan, don’t be afraid to see what someone else has to say. You can be sure that no two doctors will offer the same treatment plan, so it’s worth exploring here. It may be that other doctors can provide more gentle drugs which will work just as well. Either way, you won’t know until you try.

A final word

In truth, if you feel like you need a second opinion, it’s worth pursuing one. Even the same diagnosis from another professional can be enough to put your mind at ease. So, don’t hesitate to do what you think best when it comes to your health.