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Out of all the places in which you could possibly live on this planet, how do you know that the ones you live in is the right one for you? Many people are searching for an answer to this question while many others aren’t happy where they currently live in the first place. But there are certain ways in which you can know that the place in which you are is for you. You can call them intuitions or just your subconscious telling you something that you couldn’t pick up on by yourself. Want to know whether Midtown Square apartments Md is the place for you or if you can find your next long term home on http://www.carmelapartments.com/kapilina-beach-homes-ewa-beach-hi or http://www.carmelapartments.com/pearl-dtc-denver-co? Check out the rest of this article to see exactly what you need to look out for.

Do you want to go inside?

This is pretty much the first step that you will take, quite literally actually, in your new home. That is of course, if it is your first step. Usually when we go in strange houses we don’t really feel the need to stay for that long, and we always tread carefully while we visit. However, if you find yourself enticed to walk around its corridor or sit on the furniture then maybe it’s the place for you. You are in fact feeling like you’re at home already, which is a great start for any house-owner relationship.

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Do you want to tell your friends?

When you buy a house, you do it for the good of your family and yourself. But you can’t stop but brag about your sweet new house to your friends. At the very least you’ll feel the urge to drop subtle hints about all the cool features that it has. If you find yourself fantasizing about doing this before you even inquire about a bid, then you might just got yourself a winner. You wouldn’t be so eager to brag about that house if you didn’t think it was for you.

Do you defend all of its flaws?

It’s a known fact that people can be very stubborn in their ways and if they set out to prove something (like if a house is good or bad) they will keep at it no matter what arguments you throw at them. Taking that ideology into this context, you might find yourself defending every single flaw that you and the ones you are visiting the house with find. At times, even the landlord or sales agent my point out a flaw or two, but you will be quick to argument that they aren’t important or that they can easily be fixed. It’s like you were doing their job for them. If that’s the kind of attitude you find yourself adopting during the visit, you might have just stumbled across your future home sweet home.


It’s a new year, and many people are considering a fresh start. January sees a high number of people moving to a new country, and a new home. But, where are the best places to live, in 2016? I did some research and found out the top three countries to live in:


(Credit: https://goo.gl/zatTDS)


As discovered in a recent article on this site, Singapore tops the quality of life index. This means it’s arguably the best place to live in, in the whole world. It’s no secret that the economy is extremely stable, and there are few financial worries. Singapore jobs are also in high demand, because of the excellent economy. Loads of companies are starting to do business there, so more and more jobs are being created. It’s a very modern place to live, with the central city area full of skyscrapers and office buildings. The real estate market is booming in this South East Asia state, and living conditions are very high. Singapore also happens to be a very safe place to live and bring up children. There’s rarely any street violence, and the schools are remarkably good. All in all, it’s a quite phenomenal place to live.


(Link: https://goo.gl/WC76u4)

United Kingdom

The UK is made up of four different countries; Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The standard of living in the UK is very high; it’s amongst the best in Europe. London is the capital city of England and a focus point of the United Kingdom. There’s a very big business scene, with some of the world’s top companies setting up shop in London. All around the UK, you’ll find job opportunities. It’s a great place to move to if you’re looking for work. And, you can add to that the quality of education. There are tonnes of top class universities in the UK, making it a perfect place for keen students. Okay, the weather isn’t great, but I think free healthcare makes up for that, don’t you? With the NHS, UK residents can get a lot of their health care without having to pay a single penny. The United Kingdom is certainly a great place to live, and, you get a pick of four countries, so there’s a lot to explore too.


(pixabay: https://goo.gl/r9Kj59)


Canada is widely regarded as one of the best countries in the world to live in. This is down to a growing reputation, established over many years. People that live in Canada get to experience one of the best economies in the world. On top of this, they have an incredible healthcare system that sees a high life expectancy rate. Also, it’s seen as one of the safest and nicest places to visit. Many people go on holiday to Canada and never want to leave. For such a big country, it has a staggeringly low murder rate, which is a very good thing. Canadians are stereotypically known for being very apologetic and well mannered. So, you can bet that you’ll be living around friendly, amicable, people. When it comes to life satisfaction, this country has a very high rate. The majority of Canadian residents are more than happy with their life.

 George Enescu Festival 2011: Magic Exists and starts tomorrow


George Enescu Festival 2011: prestigious european classical music event


George Enescu International Competition 2011


Watch online on the Romanian National Televison website (starts at 19:30 local time, 16:30 UTC, today, September 8, 2011)!

George Enescu Festival 2011 LIVE

Nicola Benedetti plays at George Enescu Festival 2011

Nicola Benedetti plays at George Enescu Festival 2011

London Symphony Orchestra (Conductor: Horia Andreescu, Soloist: Nicola Benedetti – violin) of Great Orchestras of the World series is performing Glazunov’s  Concerto for violin and orchestra and Mahler’s Symphony no. 6

Nicola Benedetti, 24, a pretty Scottish violinist plays a 1723 Stradivarius that took its sobriquet from Princess Diana’s  grandfather, the 6th Earl Spencer.

The 20th edition of one of the biggest Europe’s  classical music event, George Enescu Festival 2011, started on September 1 in Bucharest, Romania, and some of its concerts are broadcasted live on the Internet.


The festival opening with Residentie Orkest / The Hague Philharmonic conducted by Christian Badea was available online on September 1, as well as the performances of the London Symphony Orchestra (conductor Horia Andreescu and violin soloist Nicola Benedetti) on September 8.

Other concerts of the Great Orchestras of the World series of George Enescu Festival 2011 (held at Grand Palace Hall) can be watch live on the National Romanian Television website (http://www.tvr.ro/festivalenescu/):

On September 9 at 16:30 UTC, London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nikolai Znaider, with piano soloist Saleem Abboud Ashkar, interpreting Wagner’s Overture to “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg”, Beethoven’s Concerto no.1 for piano and orchestra, Brahms’ Symphony no. 4;

On September 11 at 16:30 UTC, the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Valerie Gergiev, with piano soloist Alexander Toradze performing Wagner’s Tannhäuser  Overture, Scriabin’s Prometheus, Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben;

On September 25 at 14:30 UTC Orchestre National De France (conductor Danielle Gatti, cello soloist Han-Na Chang) performing Brahms’ Tragic ouverture, Enescu’s Concertante Symphony for cello and orchestra, Debussy’s Ibéria, Ravel’s Boléro.

From George Enescu Festival 2011 By Midnight series (held at The Romanian Atheneum):

On September 23 at 19:30 UTC Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment with Choir of the Enlightenment, conducted by Trevor Pinnock, and soloists Christina Landshamer (soprano), Toby Spence (tenor), Matthew Rose (bass), interpreting Haydn’s The Chreation – Oratorio;

On September 24, at 19:30 UTC Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment with Choir of the Enlightenment, conducted by Adam Fischer, and soloists Simona Saturova (soprano), Bernard Richter (tenor), Matthew Rose (bass) performing Haydn’s The Seasons – Oratorio.


George Enescu International Competition will also be available online on the next days.


George Enescu Festival 2011: Magic exists online

George Enescu Festival 2011: Magic exists online

On September 9 at 13:00 UTC The Final of The Cello section (with the participation of “Banatul” Philharmonic Orchestra from Timişoara, conductor Radu Popa) will be broadcasted live from “George Enescu” Hall of the National University of Music Bucharest.

On September 10 at 7:00 UTC The Final of The Piano section (With the participation of “Transilvania” State Philharmonic Orchestra Cluj,  conductor : Mihail Agafiţa ) and at 13:00 UTC The Final of the Violin section (with the participation of “Moldova” State Philharmonic Orchestra Iaşi conductor : Gheorghe Costin) will be transmited live from “Mihail Jora” Hall of the Romanian Radio Society.

On September 11 at 13:00 UTC Gala Concert of the “George Enescu” International Competition (with “Moldova” State Philharmonic Orchestra Iaşi conductor : Gheorghe Costin) from “Mihail Jora” Hall of the Romanian Radio Society will be available for live watching.

Other online broadcastings of George Enescu Festival 2011 will be from the Festival’s Square on September 10 at 15:30 and 17:30 UTC and on September 11 at 15:00 and 17:00 UTC.


George Enescu Festival 2011 has a mobile companion available in English for iPhone and iPad.


The application can be downloaded free in Apple App Store. George Enescu Festival app features Festival’s news, locations with Google Maps, daily programme, information from Facebook and Twitter pages of the Festival. With a WiFi, 3G or EDGE connection, you can listen to the live broadcast provided by Radio Romania Music. The organizers (Artexim) and the developers (Infoideea) of the George Enescu Festival application are analyzing the possibility of designing a version for Android operation systems.


[youtube BmHyR_bR88Q]